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Full Version: Laser hair removal smaller sebaceous glands
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Some of us have small hairs coming out of the spots on the penis. This seems like a good idea. Less hair and smaller sebaceous glands.
Couldnt you just aswell take the normal CO2 laser then? I mean the CO2 at least goes Deeper and clears the trapped sebum at the same time.
I've actually been doing a "bikini" laser hair removal for almost a year now, I've done 8 of my 12 appointments for this 1900$ package deal I got, and I must say that the results are amazing with most of my hair seemingly being gone for good in that area, but my fordyce spots on the shaft of my penis are still the same size and same quantity, the hair from them is mostly gone but the spots haven't changed.
I am using a SHR device for two years and the treatment has not had any effects on Fordyce Spots.

I am currently in the process of buying a real laser device. Will be interesting to see if there is a difference.
Why would you need a real laser dude? Didnt you get rid of all yours from the TCA peel?
No, I am not satisfied with the reoccurrence. In addition, it's my hobby to test out the limits.

I have received the laser last week, but not sure when and how to test it. Maybe in two weeks I make a new thread about my discoveries.
What wavelength laser?
I have a 808 nm hair removal laser In addition, i have received another laser at about 10000 nm for skin resurface.

The previous SHR device had a wavelenght of unconentrated 0 to 1000 nm.
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