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Full Version: my spots have gotten worse (need a diagnosis!)
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So i've had these spots since i was like 13. I'm 17 now and i've never had any issues with them with girls or anything. Because my penis is darker skinned so they look like discoloration on penis but the past week i didnt take a shower and was sweating a lot in my penis area. Then I checked and all of a sudden im growing a bunch of small spots like in a cluster and a bunch popped out of nowhere. Now im freaking out and im pretty sure its cause i didnt wash myself in a while. Is this a permanent growth or will they go away after i clean consistently again? and also if you could confirm if these are fordyce or sweat glands or something else?

Here are some pics:

lmk how bad you think they are and if they will change
They look like them but harder to tell cause of dark skin. They are most likely going to get worse. Mine keep getting worse.
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