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I am 20 years old and I live in Brazil. I'm going to tell a little of my case and spend some of what I've learned so far.

During my adolescence, I began to notice small bumps in the foreskin region of my penis. The years went by and I noticed that these small bumps also appeared in the areola region. As if that were not enough, they still appeared on my lips and today it irritates me most. In the upper part of my lip there are many granules to the point of forming a "plate" with different color. The good news is they seem to have stopped proliferating and growing, as if stabilized.

About 3 months ago I did a complete blood test and realized that my testosterone was very high.

After that, I've been doing a lot of research based on medical studies and I came to a conclusion: the emergence of these small bumps is directly linked to hormonal changes, mainly changes in Androgens (Testosterone and DHT). These are the main responsible for alterations in the skin and in the Sebaceous Glands, even more because there are Androgen receptors controlled by 5-Alpha Reductase Type I, which are highly sensitive to these hormones.

According to studies published in sites such as PubMed, Searchgate and etc, Fordyce Granules/Fordyce Spots, Tyson's Glands and Tubercules of Montgomery arise during puberty after a very large stimulation of Androgen hormones, which are responsible for the growth and proliferation of Sebaceous Glands in the ectopic areas. These diseases are caused by another condition called Sebaceous Hyperplasia.

Many people have had surgeries and they say that the granules come back after a while. I believe that this happens for two reasons:

1 - The person continues with hormonal problems after performing the laser surgery.
2 - The power used in the laser was very weak and could not destroy the Sebaceous Gland.

I believe the key to curing this disease is hormone control and then surgery with a powerful laser with a wavelength higher than CO2. There is no point in doing the procedure if your body continues to stimulate the Sebaceous Glands to grow.

I would like to ask your help to come to a conclusion together so that everyone can benefit and cure this damn disease.

Below are some links that best explain the cause of Fordyce Spots (which is different from small bumps on the penis).
Hahahah I was litterly about to post this same thing. I am pretty sure I have really low testosterone. I am getting checked tomorrow, I believe that either low or high will cause this on certain people. In the last year it went from barely any to exploding across my whole penis and lips. In this time Ive also had all the symptoms of low testosterone. Once I get the tests done I will report back. I am preety sure its that and it effects hormonal levels. Also one more thing if anybody is taking Kratom or other opiod medications this causes testosterone problems after long use in some people. There is always a cause to something in medicine, that is why I hate when doctors just brush stuff off.
Very complex topic, but i have a similiar opinion.

From what i have seen, Fordyce Spots are really more prominent in men who masturbate regularly but have in addition the genetic disposition for the development.

My Fordyce Spots started to develop as i have learnt to masturbate with the age of 14 and covered the full surface of the lips at age 20. Also the penis was covered severe but fortunate not the gland but still treatments didn´t lasted longer than some months before reoccurance.

The biggest impact on Fordyce Spots is definitely the genetic disposition to develop them, and in addition:
- sexual activity (masturbation frequency, number of ejaculations, duration of abstinence)
- nutrition and hydration (vitamin deficiency, blood scores, diet)
- body hygiene (exercise, shower)

Comming to the same conclusion, it´s about the balance of hormones and getting the right blood scores to decrease sebeceaus production.

-Fordyce Slaughterer
I agree I think it's a mix of alot of different things hormonal and testosterone and overall health. The genetic disposition part I am not too sure about. Every human on earth has these glands it just becomes prominent in a percentage of population.
We will see though. Medicine is moving at such a crazy pace. I had a scare with testicular cancer couple months back and to my shock it's 95 percent survivable these days. If you were to go back 20 years ago it definitely wouldn't bother high of a number. One more thing about masturbation that for me was never a huge problem, at most I would do it like twice a day. Now masturbation and hormones and testosterone go hand in hand so it all connects.
I agree with you, all people have these Sebaceous Glands, but Fordyce's Granules are Ectopic Sebaceous Glands, that is, they were born in places that should not be born. This is a kind of "mutation" that we have when we are born, but it only becomes visible after hormonal stimulation.

I'm trying to find the main mechanic behind the Accutane remedy that is the only one able to eliminate the Fordyces. My idea is to find out what Isotretinoin (Accutane) does in Fordyce Granules and who knows how to find some other remedy or even supplement that lessens or even removes them.

I would like to ask for your help in the searches because I am traveling and I am out of time. But I'll make some more links available to you... I'm using some keywords to search on Google like:

Sebocyte, Sebocytes, Celular Turnover, Fordyce, Fordyce Spots, FoxO1, IGF-1, Androgens, DHT, Reductase, Montgomery, Apoptose, Sebaceous, Sebaceous Hyperplasia, Hyperplastic

Here is a tutorial that will simplify AND VERY your searches:
Yeah I have been thinking about accutane. Definitely would not take it cause of the damage it does to you but in alot of cases it would make them disappear. I have been reading alot on reddit about Fordyce spots and there is a bunch of people that had lazer done and they never came back. There has to be a reason why they come back for some and not others.
I've been on accutane and it does not help much. The problem is first that there is solid sebum in the pores. I'm not sure its even possible to get it out without breaking the skin. Even if it did help, after you come off accutane the sebum production starts again.
So what's that all mean haha.
It means that the problem goes beyond what we imagine. Probably Fordyces arise from problems related to hormone receptors, DNA damage and etc.
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