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Full Version: Chemcial Peel (not recommended)
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I deleted last theard, as i did the same for my lips to move one step further.

So, BHA didn´t worked, CO2 Laser was not permanent, Microneedling is not suitable, getting them picked out with a needle from an very expensive Chirurgen didn´t worked, now finally after years i am going beyond human sense: 50% TCA multi layered by myself.

I covered the area with Fordyce Spots multiple times, it was the most painful and stupid thing besides having done the same on the lips.

This theard is just the documentation of this treatment and probably my last attempt for get rid of Fordyce Spots in the intimate area. Unfortunatly, the risk of having scarred my self is pretty huge because i can compare it to previous treatments.

Nevertheless, first time probably ever, someone is trying out a strong chemical peeling after BHA was really not strong enough to penetrate into the sebeceaous glands and destroy the roots like it happend on the lips.

On a emotional stand point, i had my reasons to do it, i was neither desperate but more angry about the prominence of so many spots. For example my lips where covered 90% of Fordyce Spots and no doctor could have or even would risk anything close to a similiar treatment but which would be necessary to succeed and get the freedom you desire.

I strongy recommened, don´t do this at home, don´t thing about doing it, wait for my results and consolidate a dermatologist as CO2 laser is good enough for most man who want to have them removed. This is for the community, as they helped me in this journey and maybe it can help other users to make some progress on their own removal journey.

Removing Fordyce Spots has become one of my major goals in life as there is currently no treatment with a good success / risk ratio.

-Fordyce Slaughterer aka. MyPenisHurts
I have overdone it big times. My skin is deeply wounded and is healing pretty slow, because of daily boners which open the wounds everyday again.

From what I have seen, that's for sure enough to remove Fordyce Spots but the price is maybe to high. The biggest mistake was that I covered 80% of the penis and underestimate the impact. I layered at least 3 times 50% TCA which is pretty much the heaviest s**t you can do.

I am positive to abstain from masturbation for a few weeks and sex probably for some months, if I am not left with to much permanent damage. It's unclear where it goes from here, nevertheless I can say with the hand on my heart, I have tried everything to remove these fucking spots and sacrificed everything.

It's terrifying and exciting the same time having lost my sexuality on the way of improving it. Feels like being relived having lost the game, or maybe giving up is a victory?

-Fordyce Slaughterer
From the pictures I've seen you post your isn't even that bad. I have worse and no girl has said anything. I hate them and they destroy my confidence but we can't do anything about it now. Best to wait for a remedy that works. Eventually something will, s**t cancer cures are coming more and more now.
Thank for the kind words.

The healing procedure goes kinda well, after the wounds have opened themselves every night. I still believe for big permanent damage and that I won't be able having sex for a year at least.

I can't even tell if the Fordyce Spots got removed successfully, if the healing is finished I will leave some photos here

Fordyce Spots doesn't seem to be the problem, but your lifestyle and mindset are the real problem makers. That's what I didn't saw because of to much sex here in the western culture.

Last days I wasn't able to sleep well because of the psychological pressure, but I feel now relieved. As god is my witness, I took the risk and now I am living with the consequences like a man.

Having not masturbated 8 days and knowing that I won't the next months either is a real life transformation. I have another perspective of women and sex, more respect to everything and everyone.

The past days were very difficult because if the bandages around my penis and daily routines but it normalized now which is a heavy relieve.

It was so much if a rollercoaster emotionally that I am just thankful for the essential things in life and the rest I am having right now.

I was so much sex driven, my sexuality was probably the most enhanced characteristic of my self-imagen. Now I stay calm the whole day knowing to life without masturbation and sex keeps me very relaxed.

-Fordyce Slaughteree aka. The Abstinent
Look up no fap reddit apparently it's like almost a religion haha.
I couldn´t believe, yesterday after 20 full days, finally one big part of the bandage fall from the skin and it didn´t looked as bad as thought.

From what i have seen, i truely did remove all fu**ing Fordyce Spots like a motherfu**er but the price the i went way to far with the size of treatment.

Yesterday, i finally masturbated again after three weeks which kinda hurt and did felt bad. It was neverless a big suprise for myself that i am able of.

Fifty percent that i will have sex in 2019, because neither the scars will heal out or they don´t. there´s nothing in between and scars on your penis a crucial against errection besides the self-esteem part which is even worse than ever.

I will like a disabled person now who needs mental and physical help, even if i don´t, lol. Maybe i will go to a Dermatologist, but i did the same in 2012 and visited about 8 dermatologist and they do only s**t because it overwhelmes there competence.

Just wanted to say, i am still alive and will upload a picture for the communities sake if the bandage falls off hopefully soon.

-Fordyce Slaughterer aka. Fordyce NotSoSlaughtererAnymore
I think you should stop doing more peels. It's definitely not healthy for the Willy.

So my wounds have nearly healed out to a point where i can normally masturbate. From what i have felt, there a no Fordyce Spots on my penis anymore and that´s the biggest victory this decade.

My mistake was for sure, having covered up the whole penis at once instead of doing it piece by piece to ensure that erections doesn´t interrupt the healing procedure.

From what the doctor told me last year, was that my Fordyce Spots where thick and hard as sand grain which i could relate to. Now the skin is even without any bumps, feels very smooth and i feel confident about the overall appearance. Many women have acted also strange to those big hard bumps, even no one mentioned anything to this date.

I can´t wait to be sexually active again and observe the emotional and physical difference, but the skin will even out itself within some months. I need to be very patient and observe the intimate area regularly.

Have tried to upload a video, but it was to time intense. Tomorrow i should be able to upload my results with the before pictures.

Update 2:

[Image: 4aMIOz6h.jpg]

I just leave this picture here, it pretty much expresses what i went through past weeks and how much effort i have put into this experiment.

Personally, i don´t use any numbing cremes but there are of course solutions to decrease the burning sensation, for example getting injected anesthesia into the area.

The skin tone should even out itself in some months unless the skin is permanently damaged. It´s actually i miracle that they doesn´t seem to be any deeper wounds, even the peeling was very extreme.

Maybe there is really no alternative, not even CO2 laser having recommended in the past, but i can explain this in detail in the future because the topic is brutally complex and different for everyone.

After many years and many failures, i will stick to chemical peelings as the number one solution against Fordyce Spots on the lips and intimate area even it´s very hard to justify the craziness of the treatment.

What i regret the most, having spent to much time and money for dermatologists and surgeons instead following my own research.

Nevertheless, i was finally ready to sacriface my sexuality and did not fear the consequences. I don´t want to feel ashamed about my body and express my sexuality without being limited by Fordyce Spots.

-Fordyce Slaughterer
Is there any way to do this without pain?
So you still have sensations in the scarred areas?
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