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Full Version: Can fordyce's spots get inflamed and hurt?
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So, i've been masturbating a lot and like 2 weeks ago i got what seems like a inflamed fordyce spot, that hurts when i touch it. I tried to zip it(i think thats the word) and it got some s**t out. Its getting a lot better but now, it seems like im getting another one.
These 2 weeks i had that one, i hadnt stopped masturbating, cause i thought it wasnt nothing special.
Can they hurt when touch and get inflamed?
Please tell me, im just 15 years old and i only had sex one time, protected, almost a year ago.
I've had an inflamed one once before. It got pretty large and when I realized it stop growing I pricked it with a small needle( the smallest I could find) in a hot shower. I got a lot of puss out, and it vanished within a week or so.
Damn, i masturbated during sometime like crazy, like everyday, and it happened to me again. I popped it now, it got a lot of puss out but it stayed the same size. Should i wait a week or so and see if it goes away, or should i go and see a doctor? I was planning on spending a week or so, if they hadn't disappeared, i would go and see a doctor. I guess it can't be a STD, since they just spread by having sex and i just had it once, a year ago, so.
They can get inflamed. What happens is that when there's damage to something like a hair follicle, it makes the area prone to infection from bacteria that live on your skin but are normally harmless. When this happens, your body tries to fight it off. This is what inflammation is essentially.

I highly doubt it's STD-related. Try laying off the masturbation for a bit, or at least try and do it less. Apply anti-bacterial cream and see how it goes. If it continues to happen, get it checked out by a doctor. But I highly doubt it's anything serious.
You got a pic Syn? Sounds kinda like my situation. I went a couple weeks whackin it on the reg, and having sex too so I'm thinking maybe mine could be a combo? Anyway I'm posting a better pic of mine, see if they look similar
It got away already, but you can post a pic of yours, to see if it looks like mine. It usually just appears when i masturbate lots, so i guess it is related.
hey, it sounds like exactly what i have, looks like an acne but covered over in skin? and try as i did, i couldnt pop it.... did u figure out what it is??
I didn't. I could pop mine though, it seemed like some acne, like the one i have on my shoulders. If it comes back, i'll probably just go to the doctor and get it checked.

By the way, as i only had sex one year agora and protected, i can rule out STDs, even if it's reappearing sometimes, right?
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