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Full Version: I’m trying out a variation of treatments! please suggest!!
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Hi all,
So my background story: a few months ago i noticed a cluster of very small white pimple spots in between my cupid’s bow and totally freaked out. after some digging i realised they were fordyce spots and basically read that they were sticking around no matter what so i just let it go, they still bothered me but i noticed they went down slightly the less i was looking at them and touching so i thought best just to forget it. Then, last weekend i had a pretty heavy one for halloween and on monday i noticed all little spots on my top lip along the bottom, kinda where my top and bottom lip meet if that makes sense? anyway, i just tried to make sure my lips weren’t sore or chapped and i’ve noticed over a few days they’re getting worse and worse Sad, i’m literally devastated as i just feel like there is nothing i can do to stop them growing.

i even went to the doctors and sobbed my heart out and the doctor was clueless and had to google!! i waited 40 mins for the doctor to do what i’ve spent the last four days doing, i was shocked. her only suggestion was “use vaseline” which i think would clog up the glands even more.

Now, the more recent ones i guess aren’t so noticeable unless i stretch my lip but my worry is they’re growing further up and i’m scared they’ll be noticeable and i’m starting to look at my cupid’s bow ones and question whether they’re getting bigger. i’m truly devastated, it sounds so silly but i’m constantly worried people will see, when talking i try to keep my lips as close together as possible so no one will see and i dread the day someone points it out to me.

It’s actually been really comforting reading everyone’s posts in this group, knowing i’m not the only one and people have the same feelings as i do towards them.

Anyway, enough rambling... as i’ve been reading up there’s a few things i’ve seen repeatedly being mentioned so i thought i’d give them a go. list as follows:
Omega 3 fish oil - supposed to reduce the sebum production (bought from savers for £1.99)
Garlic (supplement) - reduces bacteria in the blood stream (also savers for 99p)
Coconut Oil - great for rehydrating skin and is anti-microbial (holland and barrett £1)
Jojoba Oil - tightens and shrinks the pores that have excess sebum (holland and barrett £13.99 down from £19)

Now Jojoba oil is supposed to work really well so i was willing to pay that extra for it.
I also use a natural sugar scrub to take off any dead skin from my lips and use a dr.organis virgin coconut oil lip balm for everyday use (£5 from b&m)
I will also take general multvits, i used to because i tend to get ill quite easily but i haven’t in a while so kinda forgot to take them, but for the sake of this i will definitely start again.

I’ve read that giving up wheat and dairy are supposed to really help? this is something suggested for acne sufferers for the same reason. I can’t really give up wheat as my lifestyle is too busy to start working out all gluten free options etc but i am going to give up dairy - this shouldn’t be too hard as the only real dairy i have is cheese... and chocolate.

I’m not entirely sure of my exact routine so far so once i’ve got into the swing of things i’ll post my routine and the results

Lastly, i’ve ordered some cetaphil gentle skin cleanser. does anyone use this? if so , is it ok with fordyce spots? if not, does anyone have any good cleanser suggestions.

Sorry for the super long post!
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