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Full Version: Possible solution that fixed my spots 100% in less then 10 hours (with pics)
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So i have had fordyce spots for a few years but not noticeable untill a few weeks ago i had a big night out drinking and it seemed to make a new cluster appear.

So i did some research couldnt find anything, except this forum that didnt give any 100% results that are fast and cheap so i came up with my own ideas on how to solve it.

I remembered when i was young i would get bad acne and found a great solution by stabbing pimple and applying a pimple patch ( hydrocolloid dressing) it would literally suck out all the junk out of the pimple.

So applying that same logic ( sucking junk out of a pimple like thing) i did this.

Step 1 stab the fordyce spots ( dont go crazy on them just with a needle enough that it is open) this i did at night befor bed

Step 2. Not sure if this helped but prob a good idea with mounth wash in your mouth clean the stabbed area.

Step 3. Apply the hydrocolloid dressing. I used a zovirax patch its supposed to be for cold sores but it says its made of hydrocolloid so i used that im sure any brand will work . I applyed this befor sleep when i woke up i took it off.

Thats it. You will see in the pick it has sucked out the junk just like it does for pimples...

The other pic is from the morning after. I have read that its possible it may return in a few weeks. But this can be done every few weeks no problem you can see by the pics there is no down time it took 10 min to stab and apply dressing and the next day not noticeable at all.....

Let me know your thoughts im here to help i can understand no one should feel down from these things .
Would this be able to be done on penis?
Hmmm no idea... i have even been thinking maybe if i dont stab and apply the patch for a few days it might just bring the junk to the surface ? ... not sure though i am going to try some other spots next week but so far nothing has returned...
I will try too. Can you send me a link to the exact product you used I can't find it.
This is the one i used but i think there is many brands.
Please let us know how you go hope it works for you too we might have a solution if we all keep updated. I will let every one know if it comes back. Also i will try another spot on my top lip and see how it goes.
Yeah thanks I ordered something similar on Amazon. I also got a surgical needle knife thing. It's perfect for acne so I will poke a tiny hole and put these on for about 6 hours. I will update next week when I receive both. If this even keeps it at bay with repeated use I will be happy.
Yeah just dont go too deep just enough i also sort of moved it around after stabbing to enlarge the hole. But not sure its necessary as it was my first time. But as you can see from the last pic that was around 10 hours after so you can see i didnt go too deep ... i dont want to be the cause of scaring. Also i know they sell medical versions of these patches for after surgery to help with scaring that maybe a better option not sure though...
Yeah no worry I actually tested out poking a hole in couple this weekend and see if I can squeeze anything out. It worked to some extent but I didn't try too hard.
Well, I am afraid that this would leave scars on your lips... don't you think?
Second, since this process just squeeze out the oil from the spots so there are high chances that they would come back again and again and again because we are not working on the root cause of the problem.
Before trying this treatment on my lips I would like to see some more opinions on this... Any thoughts?
Tried this method on my penis. It did get some sebum out but barely any. My spots got drastically worse in the last 4 months out of nowhere. I have no idea why and it makes no sense that there is not a way to control them. We are pretty much on the verge of curing cancer and lots of other diseases and skin problems but nothing for this.
My spots cover my whole penis pretty much hundreds of them. I used to have just some on one side my whole life. I don't need a cure I would be happy with a way to maintain it. And the thing that really gets me is that there is not much knowledge about this. They are supposedly common. Go look at penis reddit and lots of guys have at least some. You would think they would research it more.
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