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Full Version: Email from sebacia!
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Cory Anderson <>
11:05 PM (13 hours ago)
to me
Hi James,

Thank you for your inquiry about Sebacia. You have clearly done your homework to make the connection between using the Sebacia product for Sebaceous Hyperplasia. We are not yet FDA approved and our initial indication will be an indication for acne. However, we are thinking about a clinical study in southern California to begin in the late summer or early fall for Sebaceous Hyperplasia. Please let me know if you live near there and would like to be connected to the clinic.

Kind regards,
Cory Anderson

VP Sebacia, Inc.

James Baird <>
12:55 PM (3 minutes ago)
to Cory
Dear Cory,

That is fantastic news. If i lived in America i would 100% be involved in that study!

Sebaceous Hyperplasia is an awful condition that has affected a huge number of people. My specific condition is more often referred to as Fordyce spots, and is a proliferation of sebaceous Hyperplasia around the genitalia. You simply cannot imagine how devastating this is to the individuals affected, and has contributed to real life altering results due to the psychological tole.

It is simply astonishing that this condition has been widely ignored by the dermatological community. I think companies like Sebacia have a real opportunity to provide the first effective treatment for the condition.

Just to inform you i will be posting your email to me on a small forum dedicated to those suffering from Fordyce. We don't often hear of big companies or scientists getting involved in this research so as you can imagine it is a pretty big deal!

Kindest Regards,

James Baird
You are talking about this company I assume?

Their technology sounds interesting.

Can you add me also on that furom?thanks a lot
Hi @sebacia,

Can you give me also update and add me on that furom, because i have fordyce spot on my lips.
yes that is the same company. I have been tracking their progress for a number of years now.

Very exciting to see that they are looking into sebaceous hyperplasia!

Im not sure what your asking renan? keep checking on any updates and i will let everyone know on here.
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