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Full Version: Read if your worried...
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I just thought I should drop in to help some of you guys out when you first notice this or are struggling to comprehend it.

I know when I was younger, around 12-13 and I first noticed these things I was devastated and thought nobody would ever want me, but that is so far from the truth it's laughable.

I have quite a bad case of fordyce, on my lips, shaft and since very recently my foreskin too (as well as PPP around the head) but I'm in my early 20s now and have been with numerous women and not one of them has ever said ANYTHING.

One of my ex's worked in a GUM clinic and even she didn't notice until I brought it up one day!

I have been to the dermatologist recently regarding other issues i'm having with my penis (zoons balanitis and lichen scleroses) that I would swap for all the PPP and fordyce in the world and my Dr said something that I thought I should share with all you guys who are worried.

Quote:There are two types of women, ones with experience and ones without. The experienced ones will have seen it all before because of the amount of men with fordyce and PPP and the ones who aren't as experienced won't even notice it's there because they don't know what a penis "should" look like.

I'll try and post some pictures up for you guys at some point just so you can see how bad mine are and realize that you literally have nothing to worry about.

If this is a duplicate post I apologize as I did send one already but couldn't find it anywhere.

If anyone wants to talk feel free to reply here or send me a PM, I can't guarantee when i'll pick it up but I am willing to discuss further.
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