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Full Version: micro punch surgery performed by Dr. Pallua (update every month)
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hello, ill update here on first post.

month 1-
the wounds are still healing but looks good, a little early to see the final result, but i noticed one thing that the penis looks a bit darker in colour, dont know if it will go back to normal. but it has always been quite dark so it doesnt matter.

month 2-
there is excessive skin over the wounds after healing so it isnt smooth as it was first month but it will get better so still early. the skin colour is getting back slowly.

month 3-4-5
hey guys, forgot to make an update. im starting to se some results now, the skin is starting to smoothen out, no spots have returned as of now. the skin colour seems to degrade back to normal. so far im happy. but im expecting final results after atleast 1 year.

month 6
the skin discoloration is almost gone on top of penis, but not on bottom. it is not notecible enough to really care about, maybe if you have an albino dick.
some of the rough scars are smoothing out more now.
the cons that im expecting to see with this operation is some skin discoloration and scars, but the scars are getting less visible as each day goes, and its much more pleasent having scars than those terrible spots.
still, no spots has returned.

month 7
still getting better and better, no spots have returned. skin discoluration is better but almost not noticble. i dont think it will get 100% as it were pre surgery, but it dosnt concern me at all.
i was thinking of doin a second surgery to get the remaining spots, but as of now its not worth it. having the vast majority removed its so much better, i dont notice it. im very happy that i did this surgery.

month 8
same as month 7, no spots returned.

month 9
i would say that the final results are here, the discolouration is almost non exixting, and results are great. no spots have returned.
im very happy and it was worth the money.
the only con to this operation is the scars, but it depends on your dick colour, for me its not that noticible and i dont care.
i will stop updating unless something happens, if spots return or something.

update 11.06.2019
if somebody are afraid that i forget to update if the spots return, i will just keep updating. regularly.

so, no spots have returned.
Don´t be so optimistc, stay realistic. I have in 4 hours a treatment also in Germany which costs 1200 euros but they take out the Fordyce Spots each with mechanic tools and try to destroy the roots. Read my theard for more information. Good luck
hi, ive read your thread and all of those treatments you have performed is not garanteed to permanently getting rid of the spots.
micro punch is, as long as they get deep to the roots. so it seems that you are doing that aswell?

no the doctor simply took out the oil glands and tried to destroy the root with a needle. Unfortunately he stopped the treatment after 10 minuntes and wanted to continue in two weeks because there was already to much blood and swelling.

I don´t believe Mirco Punch is worth the money neither made for removing Fordyce Spots.

-Fordyce Slaughterer
update guys,, so, i traveled to germany and met dr pallua, very nice guy. before i met him i was given some papers that explained everything about the surgery and the risk. i got a little worried when i red the complications that could happen, but after talking to pallua he said that in VERY rare cases it has happened but that was because the patients didnt follow the guidelines(smoking, sex, eks...)
after we talked a bit i was confident everything was going to be ok. so i had about 500 spots, but he could only remove aprox 450 because there had to be some skin between the spots so they could heel properly. it took about 4 hours and the price is max 5500 euro, so if you have atleast 400 or more its the price it costs.

its now 1 week after surgery and the results are great. no complications. i removed the stiches myself wich took about 1 hour.

ill update after some weeks so the penis can heel some more, but seeing it now, its better than before, even though its been only 1 week. so im happy i did it.

one more thing, there are some people here that say that the micro punch is a scam, and its not, micro punch done correctly is THE best way to get rid of the spots permanently! so if its dr pallua that does it, you are pretty much garanteed sucess. i have done lots of reasearch before i went micro punch with pallua. he is the best...
How old are you?

Micro Punch is not really a solution to remove Fordyce Spots permanently, just read the other theards where users had the surgery done and they were not satisfied on the long-term with the results. The problem is basically the reoccurance of the Fordyce Spots within the next 6 or 12 months.

But if your happy now, enjoy the moment of your victory and i hope you post an update in some months.


I wanted to note that Micro Punch is a good idea, nevertheless paying 5500€ for a simple treatment is the elephant in the room. Dr. Pallua does know that a second or third treatment is required, but that´s something no one is mentioning.
You would have gotten the same results with a CO2 treatment for about 600€ in Germany. I got three treatments done (i live in Germany) and was excited on the short-term as you do, but got disappointed on the long-term.
hello, i must disagree. in order for micro punch to be sucsessfull and give permanent results, you have to get to the roots of the spots, or else they will come back. thats why i said it must be performed correctly for it to be permanent.

yes there will be scars, but if treated with various ointments, they will not be as noticible. and the wounds will be fully healed in about 1 year. and if the spots havnt come back by then, im pretty sure they will never come back.

so, i will update every month.
update first post
update first post
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Have you also take off fordyce spots on your testicle ?
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