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Full Version: Coconut oil & Vitamin A
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I recently read that “a simple solution of Vitamin A palmitate powder and fractionated coconut oil, as a carrier” worked with no signs of return, and and a few questions were raised, because I read up on fractionated coconut oil and most of it is topical, while vitamin A is meant to be ingested, so I am left confused at how to take these together! Today, however, I discovered MCT oil, which is a consumable, more pure version of fractionated coconut oil. This seemed to be what I was looking for in a carrier for my vitamin A powder, but I have never tried anything like this so help is appreciated! Properties of both oil and powder seem to have promising effects!
Thank you for your help!!
hi, i saw this too and actually decided to try it as I'm running out of options here.. have been doing it for a couple of days now and I believe it's going to be a rather slow process (a month or so) so I'm going to try stick with it for a month at least, and will update.. also I've noticed the powder isn't particularly soluble in the oil, so I'm wondering if it's even going to do anything.... anyway I'll try
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