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Full Version: Normal skin lesions?
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I have these white bumps for as long as I can remember.

However i'm getting a physical check end of may. Nothing was found via blood (herpes/syphilis/HIV/chlamydia/...). All clean.

I know i have these on my penis shaft and on my foreskin and i mean ALOT.

Those were checked and were diagnosed as fordyce spots.

But can they appear next to the urethra as well? They're not very visible. No itch, no growth and no spreading...
Herpes no, because they stay like always in the same form. Skin does not 'heal'.
So maybe genital warts? But while looking via google on genital warts I never find what mine look like.

All I can say is that these look like in the picture.

I also came across this acticle.
If you could post a picture of the ones you claimed to have on your foreskin, that would be appreciated!
No, the diagnosis of Fordyce Spots is right even if they appear on the glands.

Difficult spot to treat them, if they arenĀ“t to much of them simply leave them alone, maybe they disappear of their own.

Also seems like the consequence of to much dry masturbation as this is my experience on those areas.
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