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Full Version: Life's too short
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Hey guys,
I used to be active on this forum a few years ago, me and quite a few people spent ages trying everything under the sun to get rid of these things, and I think if you really really want them gone, a surgical sort of approach is the way to go. I think you can make small changes with some topical/dietary changes but nothing huge.

What I wanted to say is: life's too short tbh, Im 19 but I used to spend hours and hours obsessing over these stupid things, thinking that people would really care. It's easier said than done but just forget about them. Live your life. I've had a good few experiences with girls and nobody has ever said a thing, and I would consider mine maybe 6/7//10. and if a girl really doesn't want to be with you because of it , thats one huge favour she's just done you as it shows she aint worth a second more of your time. Just don't worry about them, it really really isn't as big a deal as you think - a lot of people have it a lot, lot worse than a few spots.

Probably not what people want to hear but it helped me, cheers.
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