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Full Version: What worked for me (all gone)
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After a month and a half on accutane, my fordyce spots are completely gone. I had very visible and feelable fordyce spots going up the bottom of my shaft, and I started accutane for my acne. During the first month, my fordyce spots became very large and inflamed and after I'd squeeze them a little they'd "pop" and the oil inside would come out. After the little hard oil nugget is out, they disappear completely. Now, after 1.5 months, all my fordyce spots are completely gone. I've been fordyce-free for three weeks now. Once I go off accutane, I'll update you guys on if they stay gone.
I'm not comfortable sharing before/after pictures given the location of my spots. (I didn't even take before pictures.) So all you have is my word. But if you go online, a couple medical journals have done some studies with Isotretinoin (accutane) and fordyce spots and found it to be effective in removing them.
All the best.
they'll come back when you stop using accutane though, and the side effects seem to outweigh temporary treatment
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