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Full Version: It'd be appreciated if somebody responds ASAP
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Alright, so I've had these since puberty started for me (6 years). I don't want to waste your time, so I will try to give as much detail as possible without getting far too much into it. I've been speculating other forum posts for a while, and it seems that sebaceous prominence, or fordyce spots are becoming popular underneath the foreskin. When I first started puberty I noticed that maybe an inch below the side of the glands that faces your scrotum, there was one slightly large granule of these yellowish-whitish bumps. I'd say maybe 10 of these bumps in each granule. I wasn't very sure if I had contracted anything from anybody (Not through sexual contact, I did grappling and folk wrestling for the longest time, and often times I would touch my penis after touching the mats not too long before). I've never penetrated an area on another's body, so I'd be just as baffled as the doctor if it were some sort of STI, although I'm not sure if you can contract anything from the sports (Yes I am aware that Herpes is often times common in wrestlers, and things such as Athlete's Foot, but I don't believe you can transfer that to your genital are. Please correct me if I'm wrong). I've never actually had any discomfort from them, but if I do it's either a slight burning (more than likely because I need to shower), or after masturbating with saliva for lubricant. After masturbating a few times, they tend to look slightly red, almost as if they're agitated, they stick up not even the size of a millimeter and look somewhat sharp, do keep in mind these things are usually only after I masturbate. I've got a few health concerns, and while I'm very uncertain, maybe this has to do with it? My father before I was born would constantly be going out doing lord knows what with other woman, and would tweak on different drugs non stop. Perhaps I pay for that by being given these damned bumps by birth? I've also ruled out that they could be herpes, or warts simply because if they were herpes (I've had them for 6 years now) they probably would've blistered by now, and if they were warts I'm pretty sure there would be a lot more discomfort. From what I've read warts are supposed to be soft to touch, usually about a centimeter high, and somewhat jagged (The dome shape). I've considered that these could maybe be some sort of flat wart, but the fact that I've never actually had sex, and they don't necessarily fit the criteria. They've not totally changed in shape, but they have spread out a bit-some being a little larger then others. I've also noticed that the smaller ones tend to go on the skin, and over the veins, and then a new cluster starts. I've got them on all sides but the front, and they're either individual, tiny clusters, or one medium granule. I've got darker skin so I'm not sure if that just makes them look more prominent, but I've found an example that almost matches what I have, except mine are a little more compact in some areas. I'll display the picture, and if anybody would rather me show my own, I will do so. I do occasionally pick at them, but they never bleed, or disperse with any puss or sebum. When I sort of pinch them, and roll my fingers together back and forth, they feel almost as if there are tiny little pebbles within them. There's a terrible stigma that's grown onto me, they effect the way I feel around friends, and my girlfriend, and they make me feel dirty. I'd really like to have kids in my early thirties, but I just can't see that happening without a resolution to my personal conflict. I do understand that it is human nature to be our own worst critics, but it's hard not to when this makes you believe that your future will be effected. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I will be extremely relieved to see if there's any good news from you men and women. Exclamation Sad Undecided Smile Big Grin

Looks a little like this, but without the redness.

Here's another example, but they're a little bit more cream colored, are a bit tinier.
Even though I dont have them myself there were some guys in this forum who had the exact same. Just look around the diagnosis area
Nothing to worry about. Mine are very similar and have only just recently appeared, i'm in my early 20s.
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