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Full Version: Trying out Deep Peeling (dont do this yourself)
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Hello Guys,

i actually writing this post to give some credit back to the users who helped me in this journey. So this is what i tried and where i am right now:

2012 CO2-Laser -> Just on a little Fordyce Spot, No improvement (also expensive)

2013 hyaluronic acid -> Injected into Lips, No improvement (also expensive)

2013 First Deep Peel -> Tiny Spot, worked but reoccured after months (cheap)

2014 Apple Vine Cinegar -> Rubbing on Lips daily, No impovement (cheap)

2018 Using Fordyce Removal Gel -> No Improvement

2018 Second Deep Peel Tryout -> Seems to work (see pictures, but extremely risky for scarring)

So i tried out how many layers of the peeling i need to penetrate deep enough into the Fordyce Roots. At the first attempt i had s**t results of not going deep enough, three weeks later i put into the middle upper lip three layers where the wounding process seems to take at least 7 days longer but a reduction of the Fordyce Spots is already seeable.

Because of the risk of permanent damage i cant recommend anyone doing this by yourself, so speak with your Dermatologist about using a deep peeling to help you getting rid of this shitty spots who take your fucking lip line away.

Also if you are under a certain age, Fordyce Spots will reoccur just because you body hasnĀ“t fully developed which leads my also to the conclusion to wait until your at least 25.

I will post again if i have repeated the procedure on my under lip which i need to plan for, because of the healing process. It should take at least one week to be able kissing again and at least one day where you lips are slightly swollen.

So thanks all the helpful posts so far.

-Fordyce Slaughterer
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