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Full Version: Do younger girls (15-18 years) care about Fordyce spots?
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Hey im 15 years old and i have fordyce spots all over my penis, but they are only at the undersite and the sides of my penis very noticable. Me and my gf never had sex and she never gave me a blowjob but we wanted to try things out. Today i showed her a picture of a dick with fordyce spots and she said that they look disgusting and like goosebumps and things like that and that they were weird. I havent told her that i have them but im in a very depressed state right now i always was afraid that she would say things like that about them and now she did. Its just like a nightmare for me. She really loves me and i dont think that she would leave me because of them, but im afraid that she doesnt want to have sex with me when she sees them or doesnt want to give me a blowjob. My question goes out to guys who have experiences with sex at this age who have fordyce spots themselves of course. I just want to know if the girl you has sexual encounters with cared about your spots. Im interested in knowing this because im not sure if she wouldnt care about them because she loves me.

P.S: sorry for my english im not very good at this language Wink
You should have already told her because she will be embarrased when she finds out that you have them because she probably doesnt want to hurt your feelings. Anyways if she really does love you your fordyce spots would be so irrelevant. Really they dont even matter at all and she wont give a s**t. If she really does not want to have sex with you because of them just talk to her and tell her that theyre harmless and so on and if she keeps not trusting you she should not be your girlfriend
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