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Full Version: First and Last
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Hello guys, first of all sorry for my english, i'm from Argentina (south america), and my knowledge is a bit limited. I've been reading posts from this forum and others since i was 12 years old (now 20), overworrying about the spots, I got a moderate case I would say 3 out of 10. But focusing so much about some freaking spots have fucked-up a lot of years of my youth, being so self-conscious about them only make the situation worst, the spots aren't a problem, the problem is the insecurity that we reflect because of it, that's the worst thing of all. But as i said before i didn't see this till now and that's because i get the courage to face the problem, i saved some money and meet a dermatologist to get a laser treatment for my surprise the doctor was a hot 25 year old girl, i was super nervous, i showed her my cock and she said that's it ? your cock is completely normal, i know that almost all of you guys have read online that the condition is completely normal and harmless but it's different when it comes for someone else you need the courage to face it or otherwise it will never end even if you managed to get rid of them your personality won't change. Because i've already paid for the treatment she get rid of the big ones on the sides which was a confidence boost but the biggest confidence boost was that i understand for the first time in my life that if you have balls to face the situation and stop being obsessed about whatever insecurities you may have, then and only then you're going to see life from another perspective, go out there and face it guys im sure that most girls won't hesitate not even a bit.
I don't understand why they keep performing these laser treatments when I haven't read one single good thing about them staying away. They are either happy to take money from vulnerable people knowing it's not permanent or they're not very good at their job and should refund when the spots come back. As for 'girls not noticing'. Yeah maybe if you only have a small case but I'm pretty sure those of us that have a really bad case are going to notice that we have spots all over our dick/balls.
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