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Full Version: [DIY] Microneedling treatment works pretty well - My story
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Hello guys

Sorry in advance guys, I don't speak English well, and this post is quite long, but I need to explain correctly my story related to FS treatment(s).

I have Fordyce spots since 7/8 years (since adolescence actually), mainly on my upper lip. As you know, it's hard to live with that, especially with girls Confused

I looked for several methods, and tested a few. From the simplest to medical solutions and nothing has worked permanently (what a surprise!). Medical methods (laser, hyfrecator, chemical peel, tattoo) have an effect but often have two major disadvantages:

1- It requires a doctor, so a medical appointment, and it is very expensive
2- They must be done again often, because it comes back, so it costs even more expensive
3- It requires a healing time, during which you have to isolate yourself, sometimes many days (not practical)

The other local methods, which don't require doctor, creams and other topicals have no effect in my experience, except tretinoin that works a little, but it must be applied all the time otherwise it comes back very very quickly. All of these methods don't remove fordyce spots, but hide the problem (that's something isn't it? Big Grin )

Medical research is progressing, but it is slow, and there is no indication to date that effective and definitive treatment is under development.

So, I thought that we must consider FS like any chronic pathology. I think it is very difficult if not impossible to get rid of it permanently, with only one intervention. IMO, chronic treatment seems to be a much better option to date.
We must find a treatment that meets these criteria:

1- We can do it yourself and repeat it at will
2- Not so expensive
3- With a low recovery time
4- Not so painful

I looked for a moment, I first spotted light therapy device, TCA peel and microneedling.

I tried TCA peel (20%) by applying widely, burn a lot, little effect despite the pain. I'm pretty sure that to have an effect, it requires a high concentration (> 50%) by applying just on the spots with a toothpick, so you have to be very accurate, not easy to do yourself. I kept this option in reserve if the rest of my ideas didn't work Idea.


Then I went to microneedling. What is microneedling? It is a skin perforation technique with a microneedle (0.15 mm diameter), it drills a hole in the skin without leaving a visible scar, and it can go down deep enough in the skin (from 0.25mm to 3mm). The theory is simple, we drill the spot, we get the sebum out, and that's it.

I started by trying a small manual device called dermastamp. But two disadvantages: not easy to use, because you have to press hard enough and it hurts on the upper lip and it's not very accurate so it's hard to reach the Fordyce spots.

But I didn't give up, I thought about it and I invested in a digital model. I bought the Derminator device, from Owndoc, which is excellent value for money, almost professional. It cost me 200 euros with shipping fees and spare cartridges (mono-needle cartridge), so it's expensive to test but I took the risk.

I tried for the first time last Wednesday (January 03). Only one side of the upper lip to start, the one where there was the most fordyce spots, to compare to the other side.

I used a mononeedle cartridge. I set 2mm deep (it may need to be changed later) and I have targeted the spots for 5 minutes. it bleeds quickly enough but it doesn't hurt, you have to clean up as and when, and also wash the needle from time to time. I continued for another 10 minutes, taking some breaks, and then I thoroughly disinfected and put healing cream. Very little itching, compared to the chemical peel. The lip is just a little swollen, but it's not so noticeable.

Good news, 15 minutes after, no more inflammation !

Then I went to bed. The next day when I woke up, it was obvious there was nothing left, I had well drilled. There were some spots that I had not reached but no problem, it was barely visible. Otherwise, no crust, no pain, no tingling, no redness at all! I could go work quietly Shy.

I did not touch it anymore, until Saturday (January 6th). Nothing I had removed had returned. I took advantage of the weekend to make the other side and doing again the side I had already done to reach the spots that I missed (10/15 min max and then disinfected and put healing cream and that's all). The procedure is really simple, fast, and with very little inconvenience and pain.

One week later (today). Nothing came back. I'm pretty sure it will come back but no matter, I'll just have to do it again. I think it's even possible to do it before it comes back, as a preventative treatment.
Otherwise I thought I would still use tretinoin cream, which will exfoliate and can improve duration results?
Simple hypothesis but it may be interesting to associate microneedling with a maintenance treatment, chemical peel or tretinoin cream for example.
So I don't know yet the time of reappearance between two microneedling sessions.

That's where I am currently guys. I honestly think it's one of the best current solutions, viable, affordable and effective.
I think it can be improved (association with topical treatments, other techniques?)

I only tested it on my lip that's what really embarass me. (I have some spots on my dick but it does not embarass me at all). Maybe it can be used on the dick too.

Otherwise, I feel so good at last, it's been so long that I have these spots. Since I'm a teenager, no self confidence, very shy with others, especially with girls .. I feel like reliving.

Lol that's weird, I usually hate that kind of thread, you know, when a guy comes and claims to have revolutionary treatment Big Grin. I have to warn you, it is not a definitive or revolutionary treatment, it is purely mechanical. But it seems to work pretty well, so I wanted to share it with you.
If you want to try, I recommend you buy a digital microneedling device directly (you can adjust the depth and the bite rate).
Manual devices are not practical because it requires a lot of repetitions, and not enough accuracy. In addition we can not adjust the depth.

PS: I unfortunately do not have pics before / after to post, sorry, I didn't think to take some pics Confused ...

Here we are, still sorry for this long message and my bad english ! If you have any questions don't hesitate. If you try microneedling, come talk about it here and maybe post some picsWink
It would be nice to improve the procedure, so feel free to suggest your ideas and try it !

Take care of yourself guys Shy !
thanks for the long post, buddy.
i had the pallua fordyce surgery and i read the micro needling is also a really good procedure to treat scarred tissue right? Cause im looking for something that evens out the skin even more. Cause the result from lipofilling (to treat the scarred tissue from the op) is that the skin looks kinda bumpy.
Do you think that your expensive device is superior to those so called "derma rollers"? And can you link your choice in here?
Would love to hear from you.
to whom it may concern,
this procedure starts hurting from a needle length of 0,75mm and up. so i dont know what youre made of but what youre recommending is very very dangerous and might end up painful for imitators.
you guys need numbing cream for this. and dont go over 1,5mm. 2mm needs a praticioner's supervision!
take care
To the second post about evening skin tone, you can do a TCA chemical peel. Its uncomfortable but it works great. Good luck.
I have ordered the Derminator, and will test it out. Will post pictures. I am only using it on my upper lip. Hopefully all goes well
Did you test?
Any updates?
Any updates?
I was thinking about using micro-needling b4, it could work good with my latest method
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