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Full Version: Milk Thistle - A potential cure
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Hi Guys,

First time positing here. Has anyone tried Milk Thistle before to treat Fordyce Spots?

After having and researching Fordyce spots for years it seems that the core of the problem - as with all skin problems - rests in the liver (apologies if I'm repeating info that's already been passed around on here). The Fordyce Spots themselves are simply a topical symptom of something which is going on inside. Treating just the skin itself is only going to be a cover up ultimately.

Pretty much the only thing I have left to look into is Milk Thistle. However, I'm unable to try it due to being on long-term medication for another condition. The only downside of taking Milk Thistle is its interactions with other medications due to it working with the liver. Therefore, it says that it's not safe to take if you are already taking something.

However, would be very interested to hear from anyone out there who may have tried it?

There seem to be some incredible success stories out there where it has treated a multitude of long-term issues resting within the liver.

Will continue to research this but keen to hear from anybody else too....

Thanks very much! We will get there eventually Smile
hey z123,

would like hear more about it, i dont know why your threat got rated to one star, i mean youre only asking questions^^.

Best regards
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