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Full Version: Fordyce? wraths? Herpes? please help :(
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Hi, so i've had these spots for over 10 years now. I'm 23y old now.
They don't hurt, they don't itch (well they do sometimes, but even my nose itches sometimes...).

And there are alot of them, they are very noticable, you can see them and feel them easilly.
Very few have like a white point ontop, like a pimple...i tried squishing it like a pimple, some white substance comes out.

Now i have a new girlfriend and she is kinda paranoid about STD's, and she got me scared a bit.
Also even if it's nothing, she might not know that and think it's an STD of something.

I also don't like the sight of them...they're repulsive Sad

Can someone tell me what they are?
wrats? herpes? a different STD? just Fordyce?

if it's fordyce why haven't they faded away yet? i'm past my puberty :/

sidequestion: why do i never see Fordyce spots in porn?
I think it`s fordyce...
(12-30-2017 08:42 PM)lowistart Wrote: [ -> ]I think it`s fordyce...

hmm okay, why the "..." ?
Its fordyce, and very mild at that. Honestly, the skin on your dick looks great. Youre actually doing quite well with that. Dont worry about it.
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