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Full Version: Just hoping someone can alleviate a bit of my stress
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I randomly noticed these the other day, and I am a little concerned. After perusing this forum for a bit it made me feel a tad better but I would still love some more clarification. I am hoping they are just fordyce spots and nothin else.

This first pic is kind of blurry sorry!

Thanks in advance!
Nothing, thats nothing, dont worry about it.
Are these both outside and inside of your foreskin?
yeah that's Fordyce. Your skin is almost 100% free of Fordyce apart from that tiny area where you can barely notice them. Not only should you not be worried but you should also be extremely thankful to be blessed with such good skin!
Looks like very mild case of fordyce spots. Always good to get hpv testing though, just to alleviate the stress.
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