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Does anyone know of a clinic in the US or CANADA that treats fordyce spots? Don't have the funds to go to the Germany one Sad
I have the absolute cure you can do it at home but it's going to hurt. I finally came upon this after years of depression trying so many things I can hardly remember them all. One day I happened to notice something and investigated further. So guess what kind of skin doesn't grow sebaceous glands ? Give up well besides palms and heels scar tissue doesn't produce sebaceous glands or hair follicles. This idea is extreme but it works permanently. So you'll need to do a little research with skin peels except with the intention of causing the least amount needed uniform scarring. Might take a few years to get back to looking normal but it will be completely awesome and smooth. And you really have no other viable options with regular dermatological routes. They will return or require constant maintenance it's a genetic predisposition. So what you'll need is 100% salicylic acid powder 90%+ rubbing alcohol bottle of pure aloe vera a roll of gauze and a peel brush you can order them all on Amazon. Once you have these items take a glass container a beaker with an acid resistant cork is perfect. Mix about 3:1 ratio of salicylic acid to alcohol and shake vigorously. Shave surrounding hair with a razor wash and dry yourself. Also keep a fan ready and on it helps immensely. Apply the solution evenly with the brush along the entire surface bite on leather strap and allow the fan to cool it. A white film should cover the entire surface. Apply aloe and wrap in the gauze. Change gauze reapply aloe and gently wash and dry at least once per day. Skin should begin to peel off after a few days try not to disturb the process. Check results and repeat if necessary tca acid can be mixed with the solution for stronger results. Now that you have a red but smooth result now you can use scar lightening gel to moderate the skin tone. If you're skin is darker than Idk perhaps a permanent pigmentation stain is something to look into. One last thing don't rush it like anything that comes out good it takes time and patience. And know you're doing it at your own risk so be smart and examine and adjust for yourself. Fast forward possibly a couple years for the scarring to lighten and your clean and free again. I've learned through this sometimes you have to take risks and do things yourself. The medical community has a book generally just one that they must adhere to. Although people eventually get tired of jumping through hoops for nothing. And really who that isn't a sadist would even consider such an avenue. But it works so decide for yourself how badly you want it.
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