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Full Version: Paranoid about spots
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Okay so in the last few months Ive had a number of changes on my skin texture and have been so confused if it is a manner of puberty or an actual disease. (I just turned 21 mind you)
I have these spots on my foreskin and on my lips as well as some weird spots on my back and shoulders. The spots on the foreskin of my scrotum do not burn nor itch nor do they discharge or anything of the sort, but they do seem to be getting bigger and growing in other areas of my foreskin, I have some spots on my shaft as well but Ive had those as far as I can remember, they are in rows and are not very big, and they are not clumped up like the ones higher on my foreskin...
The spots on my lips are odd... I have them around the border of my lips and sometimes they even grow hairs on them...? Ive always had lip damage as far as I can remember and now I make sure to use lip balm everyday to avoid them drying out and chapping, one time I tried popping one and had some puss come out of it... after that it got smaller and thats about it. Also I have this antibiotic balm that ive tried applying and it makes no difference whatsoever to the appearance of my lips...

I also have these spots on my back, but for those I am attributing them to what I believe may be sun damage or something similar.
Dude I even have spots under my eyes.... honestly are fordyce spots more hormonal? Because I feel like I undergoing and all around breakout for the entire skin covering my body lol My pee doesnt burn or anything either, Ive read fordyce spots can occasionally itch when they are infected because of how the skin is and ive felt that a few time but rarely. Another thing, Ive been taking Vitamin C supplements and again, no change in how my skin reacts to a healthier immune system.

Anyways, I am so paranoid now and dont know what to believe these may be, because they have not consistent symptoms or anything and from everything Ive read and seen about fordyce spots, they are completely obviously that.... yet I still kinda freak myself out thinking they are herpes or warts even tho the symptoms dont match...
I would say I have photos but my camera broke on my phone lol but i have found images of fordyce spots that are almost identical to what I have (just different skin tone, cuz I am latino and have darker skin lol)

Yeah I know to just go to the doctor or something but Im thinking maybe I should just find a dermatologist around me and consult them but the problem is.... Im nervous to go and dont think I can afford even medication with my insurance lol

But id like some opinions from people who already have these kinds of problems and probably went through the same state of mind or worries...
Im looking forward to hear from you guys! [attachment=891][attachment=892][attachment=893]
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