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Full Version: Are these fordyce spots? Female condition...
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Hello, I am 24 years old women. I haven't been to gyn because didn't have any problems. Actually I never had a real sexual relationships...this was the main reason why i didn't get to doctor... well, I feel healthy. My menstrual cycle always go normally, have no pain, no other bad conditions, however I have a visible sebaceous glands on my labia minora. These bumps appeared around my puberty and now i have a lot of it. I'm scared. Are these fordyce spots ?.Maybe it is a symptoms of Papiloma virus? Could you say something about it ? This is the link to see:

I will go after two months to do a gyn check, finally. But i'm soo scared ...
Looks worse because of the close up pic.
Go and see Gyno but I wouldn't be worried.
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