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Full Version: Take a look please :D i have pictures!!
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Alright, so after some wild nights of ± 5 hours sex sessions and a lot of masturbation i noticed sometimes i tear open the skin om my dick. So this happened again and I decided to get myself checked.

STD check is came out clean for everything.
This was in FEBRUARY. So that patch of skin keeps tearing up and a few weeks ago I went to my doctor and asked the woman to check out my pen0r. Shes like uhhhhh ok here's anti candida cream and looks away. (i thought my penis looks pretty great :'(. but anyways. Im trying this candida cream but to no effect but she told me; yo guy if u have the herps YOU WOULD HAVE FELT IT. but i dont feel s**t except a slight itch when it tears open again.

So I turned myself to google to find out what i got and ended up here on this great magnificent forum.

Here are the promised pictures.
[Image: 5sJ32M6.jpg]
Penis semi erect (skin stretched)
[Image: 4RdYeuv.jpg]
Penis flacid. Skin completely non stretched.

When looking closely you can see a short white patch of skin (4mm in length, 1 mm in width) with 3 white dots surrounding it.

Do you guys thinks its fordyce? Let me know what you think. If it's fordyce il just give it a weeks rest of masturbation and simply hope the skin will restore enough so it will not tear easily again when having crazy long sex or wild fap sessions.

The cream says you need to clean everything and put it on. So i tried to slightly scratch it off but the stuff is under my skin so I opend that s**t up again by accident. I cannot stress enough that there is no liquid in there and there is absolutely no blistering. Just stressed skin..

I found some pics online of penises which have a smilar collored stuff on it and are 100% fordyce

So I hope I have that too and can stop worrying Big Grin and also stop using the candida cream, I dont like my dick to be all greasy always.

Thank you for your time!!!!
Dude, I had the same thing... rough oral sex from someone and found a tear on my penis and it healed after 2 or 3 days. I already had some spots on my penis but that incident was months ago, now they are growing more and more on my lips and on my shaft and foreskin. Im worried like hell but my stuff looks 100% exactly like the pictures you posted yet i am still paranoid and worried lol
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