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Full Version: us this Fordyce spots? upper and lower lip (5 pics)
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Hi, I have huge white bumps on uper and lower lip, is this Fordyce spots?
Pay attention to my lower lip. thanks.
I have the same thing, only really started to notice last year (I'm 29) noticed I had them up the side in the corner and a few grouped patche's on the top lip. The middle upper is the worst area it's so dry. I can only tell it's whites spots when I'm really close. I also have a few in my bottom lip but only a couple. They look the same as yours.

I've tried everything although nothing really helps. I went to the doctot they told me there isn't a lot I can do.

Is your upper lip dry at all?
I don't have dry lips. What did dr. said to you? is is Fordyce spots or?
Seemed to think was Fordyce. Upper lip where it's dry possibly ezecma as only a patch is dry.

It hasn't changed in over a year,. Just noticed a few more
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