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Full Version: Anti Sebum
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Is there a definitive consensus on the effectiveness of this product. Is it a scam? Has anyone had any luck at all?
depends, with the proper anti sebum cream there is a general consensus that it is effective at treating the prominence and size of the spots, some saying up to 70%, they offer a 60day money back guarantee so may aswell buy 4 bottles atleast and give it a go (you need a lot more product than the company tell you), it wont get rid of the spots 100% though
did you buy already?
@stickfinger did you buy already? i cannot buy on the website. is this scum?
Can you use it on your top lip?
@john3500 Yes is desgn to your lip at under., but still my order is pending because of my credit card

@john3500 i have fordyce spot on my lips and under my pants, but i care is on my lips the most., If you buy please update me also if there affect. From Philippines renan
@john did you buy already?me i buy alraedy but the item not yet receive maybe a week before arrive because i just busy August 02 2018, This if for my fordyce spot on my lips i want to less than because to much .
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