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Full Version: Fordyce spots confidence booster story
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I thought id write this as im still on a bit of a high from what happened last night, and as an aide to any men who are afraid of rejection or having sex because of what they think a partner will think of them. Im not doing this to boast or gloat, ive had sex with fordyce a few times, but id always go through drastic measures to make sure the lighting was dim to make them less noticeable because im so self concious about them. Ill go into quite a bit of detail, but i think this is important to get the idea across.

Now im not going to downplay fordyce, i hate my spots just like the rest of us, theyve been a bain on my life for several years now (im 22) and im not one of these guys with a few that doctors would like us to think, i have about 350 all across the bottom of my dick, some big some small, unsightly to say the least, im seriously toying with forking out the cash and letting dr pallua work his magic.

So i went out for a few drinks with a colleague of mine, and we were joined by her friend, who for all intents and purposes is the hottest girl in the town, they type of girl youd expect to settle for nothing less than the perfect man with the perfect penis, and she kind of comes across that like previous encounters weve had, im neither of those. If in the back on my mind i thought there was a girl who could quite possibly laugh at me, discredit me and send me packing for my spots then it was her, and it was an indimidating thought than i dampened with dutch courage.

As the night went on she became very clingy to me, we did the usually kissing and so on, and i knew that something was going to go down, and when everyone went their seperate ways, she asked me if i wanted go back to her flat, to which i obliged. When we got back her place the bedroom literally had the big light only, and alarm bells rang because it was either f**k in the dark or f**k in the light with spots in full view. When we were pretty much undressed i told her about the spots and that they were harmless, she remarked that shed never been with a guy with so many, but she didnt care and put it in her mouth without hesitation. As we fucked i noticed obviously that she digged any position where the spots would rub her g spot, she was going wild for it and getting off hard. She was like infactuated with them, she was kissing and licking the area alot when going down on me, and giving me really pleasant eye contact while doing so, because of this i joke asked if she liked them, to which she replied she loved them and wished all men had spots like this because it made the sex feel amazing, i felt so awesome and still do, she even invited me to go back over tommorow night, and i definitely will be.

So guys, see it more as a sex aide having spots than a hinderance, not every girl will be so shallow to embarrass you for this, it improves their feelings and thats all most really care about. I used to hear the old 'ribbed for her pleasure' quote alot and last night sort of confirmed this, even though i was blind to it before. So next time you get close to having an encounter, think proudly how you can hit spots that a guy without fordyce cant do, and she'll appreciate the spots for what they are, being an awesome sex tool than an unsightly condition.

Hope this helps boost morale
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