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Full Version: How I got rid of Fordyce on lips!
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Hello friends! I am very excited to share with you all my method of treating fordyce and what the results have been so far.

First off, let me give you some backstory... I noticed FS on my penis when I was in grade 6 and tbh I didn't really care all that much bc I thought they would just go away (oh and I didn't know what they were at the time), well they haven't and recently I started thinking about what would happen if I got a bj or even if I pulled my pants down in front of girl and how there is no possible way they wouldn't notice the fordyce bc it is VERY noticeable on my penis. So I did maybe the best and worst thing I could have possibly done... I looked up treatments and while looking through all the bs treatments (LIKE FUCKING TOOTHPASTE ON THE PENIS BTW DO NOT TRY IT MAKES IT WORSE) that trolls put on the internet for some fucked up reason I came to an article that had a huge picture of a dude's lips and I knew then and there that I would definitely have FS on my lips. Sure enough, as I reluctantly stretched my lips out in front of the mirror, I saw them. This absolutely destroyed me. As all I had heard prior to that day was how there was no treatment whatsoever for FS. I fell into deep depression, and kinda considered suicide Confused but realized that I couldn't be a bitch about it and I decided then and there that I would find treatment.

Soooo here I am, spreading the word! Hehe

In a nutshell the treatment is basically as follow's : Anti-Sebum cream -
And water, lots and lots of water.

(The Anti-Sebum website is a very reliable site and also has extremely fast worldwide shipping - three days from U.K to butt f**k nowhere in Canada where I live Big Grin. But it is expensive; $55 CAD for a bottle that will last around two months for me but it depends entirely on your useage habits - In my eyes the money is well spent.)

Okay, lets get into my daily routine. Wake up, shower, eat, brush teeth, apply anti-sebum. During the day I try to intake as much water as possible, a good rule of thumb for me is make sure my piss is always white. Before bed I drink 2 litres of water, piss, brush teeth,apply Anti-Sebum. Repeat.

Anti-Sebum may not work for everybody, that is clearly stated on their website but it has definitely worked for me. I had around 200-250 tiny little fuckers on my lips and now on the right side of my mouth they are completely gone!! My spirits are sooo high now because I realize there is a cure for these life ruining fuckers.
They are not all completely gone on my lips but I believe that is due to the fact that I am in the main stage of puberty so more spots are developing as I am treating other ones. But that does not worry me because I know one day they will all stop developing and I will take care of them Big Grin. I do also have FS bad on my penis still but I want to take care of the ones on my lips first cause it's easier for me to cover up my dick hehe.

Another very valueable thing to know that is very important in winning the fordyce battle : Hydration is key. Drink as much water as you can. I cannot stress that enough.

I realize now that I definitely should have taken pictures for before and after. I am not trolling and trying to make you spend your money on Anti-Sebum. I will try and get a picture on later and you will be able to see how the right side of my lips show almost no fordyce compared to the left. (But they used to have the same amount).

The reason I am writing this is to spread the word of a proper treatment that is probably the single safest treatment out there. I am also writing this for the people who are in the position I used to be in - Depressed, and maybe even suicidal. I wouldn't wish FS on anybody and I would certainly hope everyone finds this helpful.

(Another thing I should note is that you most likely won't notice a difference in your spots for at least half a month. Trust me the Anti-Sebum is working, it's not an overnight miracle cure. And I say this because you won't know if it works for you or not until you have applied it day in and day out for at least a month. I have seen comments on the site saying "I've applied it for two weeks straight, no difference in spots.". And in case you are challenged here's how you use it : rub onto lips leaving some gel visible - a thin layer over spots - and leave lips alone for at least a half hour. You can talk and stuff but try not to rub lips or lick lips.)[/size][/font]

Update : I have treated lips for over two months, in these two months there was a period of time where the spots were virtually invisible but I got really depressed for a stupid reason and I believe this acne medication I am taking is to blame for it has been known to have a side effect of depression and anyway that caused a LOT more spots to break out on my lips. I recently realized a part of the reason I am kinda depressed always lately is because I feel like such an outlier and all my friends are talking about how they fucked this person and I always cringe cause I think of how I can't do that.

Today marks a new chapter in my life, I am treating the spots on my penis. I believe this will raise my spirits and if I get a girlfriend and the spots aren't as visible then the will most likely be easier to treat.

I have taken a picture for you all so you know this isn't bs.

Day 1

I will be posting weekly updates with pics.

Day 10
No point in posting picture of penis as the spots are pretty much the same. FS on lips are almost completely gone and I'm pretty exicted about that. I'll update again in 10 days.
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