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Full Version: I found a cure. (With proof pictures)
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I believe it is safe to say I found a cure for fordyce spots.

Early July 2017
This picture is just for reference. It did not take this long to cure them.

Late november 2017

Here's the cure : DO NOT JACK OFF. DO NOT EAT DAIRY.

Hope this helps. No lotions or surgery needed.
"Day 23 (June 5, 2017)
I think the spots are still getting better from the treatment.
But I have lost a lot of sleep thinking about these spots and I just wondered how a healthy young person such as myself would have these spots, was I born with them as I have been told? It just didn't make sense to me, how can so many people be born with out of place sebaceous glands? I think I realize now what the cause is.
It is what we eat. I was listening to a podcast and the people were talking of a UFC fighter who has an "uncureable" skin condition and one man on the podcast said he used to have it too, until he stopped eating dairy.
So I didn't eat dairy today, and I won't tomorrow or the next day. I believe I can rid my body of fordyce by following a non-dairy diet.
Let's see how this goes."

Ayy! Joe Rogan Podcast? lol

Hey hope everything is going well with your treatment. As a young adult with fordyce spots, I can tell ya that you can't let these thing hold you back. I let them hold me back for years. It wasn't until about a year and a half ago that i grew the balls and decided i wouldn't let this control my life anymore. It's definitely so much easier said than done.

Based on your pictures your fordyce spots are not too bad. Girls won't notice, believe me lol. Based on my experience, when your having sex or getting a bj, girls aren't really focused on how your dick looks. They are more concerned with whether or not you can please em with it. Confidence is key !

Hope the treatment works out for ya bud and don't let these little fordyce fuckers hold you back!
Yess it was the Joe Rogan podcast! Haha

I appreciate the support and I have stopped worrying about these now because I swear to jesus the dairy free diet is working. Like those pictures were of my dick soft and now I have to pull my skin back to see them. I have only been dairy free for 9 days! Was planning on posting at the end of the month with a pic.
That's great to hear! I'm not sure if i can live without dairy lol. Hope you keep seeing progress and thanks for posting
How's the anti-sebum treatment going for your lips? Any progress? I might hafta start this no dairy thing too. I've tried almond milk instead of reg milk and it's actually not bad.
To be honest I haven't been applying Anti-Sebum anymore. I would definitely recommend it if you want spots on your lips to be less visible. But I would also recommend going dairy free.
Why haven't you been applying anti sebum to your lips? Did it work for you?
I've been banking on this dairy free thing. I said I would post a picture at the end of June but I had some hiccups in the diet plan and that fucked things up. Started applying Anti-Sebum again now, spots are DEFINITELY much less visible. If and when they are almost invisible I will post a pic.
did you ever actually see huge improvement?
(08-15-2017 02:22 PM)tropicalpalmtree Wrote: [ -> ]did you ever actually see huge improvement?

Dairy free is the cure Smile try it my friend for 30 days completely dairy free.
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