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Full Version: Fordyce spots treatments.
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Hey everyone just a quick question, im 15 years old and have recently started to notice my fordyce spots. Mine arent super serious but they still really bother me partly because as ive never had a close partner to ask what they think.I was wondering if anyone has had any luck lessening them using 'home remidies' like lemon juice, apple cider vinegar or aloe vera gel?

Or just any other way of removing them.
There's no "treatment" that's proven to work. The thing is... FS aren't a disease, or a virus, or a deformity etc. It's just a skin variation. It's what your skin looks like. It's like trying to find a treatment for having big pores.

But please, please don't go experimenting with "cures" you find online... a lot of them are written by trolls just trying to get us poor suckers to do painful things to our junk. Please don't smear toothpaste on your penis and leave it overnight (it can seriously burn you), please don't try to dig into one with a scalpel to remove the "grain" (there's no such thing), and for the love of god, don't put concentrated tea tree oil on your skin; I learned the hard way that it burns, burns, burns like you wouldn't believe (and, of course, it does nothing to reduce the appearance of FS). Acidic / citrus / high alkali stuff should not be applied to your penis.
I have had success getting rid of these on lips with Anti-Sebum and I am currently treating my penile fordyce.
Right, be careful because there are a lot of scam product being sold online.
Yes, read the reviews on the creams/gels before you buy, most have bad reviews that saw no improvement but something that doesnt work for one person, may work for another. Its funny if your read the amazon reviews for the fordyce gel, almost all the bad reviews state they had no improvement and then all the positive reviews mainly reference how good the customer service is, not much about the product. But again, try it if you want, cant hurt.
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