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Full Version: New here + How/where to start?
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Hi All,

I am glad I found this forum. I am pretty sure I have Fordyce Spots because A Dermatologist already said I have Sebaceous glands on my lip.

I want to give you a short summary of my problems the of the last year. I am a 35 year old man from Europe. My lips always have been vulnerable to Cold Sore.

I went on on Roadtrip through California in september 2015.
Got a good day of Sun on Venice Beach and after that we went to Las Vegas.
On the last day of Vegas I got a massive break out of Cold Sore. I looked horrible and you can imagine this was really awful to have on vacation.
Fortunately most of our plans from then were the National Parks were I could heal without having to worry about my looks.

So back in Europe the Blisters were gone except on one spot. The normal docter could not diagnose it So I went to a specialist. Got some pretty hard Medicines and nothing helped. So he decided to take a sample out of my lip. Turned out to be some form of Pygmentspot that could only be removed surgical. therefore I had to go to a Plastic Surgeon and finally in june 2016 I got the procedure done. They had to cut a little peace out of my upperlip upwards to my nose. The endresult was a pretty wide scar above my lip buy the lip itself seemed to heal pretty good.
the Surgeon said that everything looked normal after such a procedure and also mentioned the sebaceous glands on my lip. He also said those were harmless and I already knew that because I have read about Fordyce before.

But Since a couply of weeks I see that those glands become more in numbers and they also are becoming more visible. I think that that surgery triggered some process in my lip to get these glands overactive. Maybe a lack of dehydration why more Sebum has to be produced.

So googling on the subject got my many hits without a real solution.

I found tretinoine creme
Some CO2 laser procedure.
And a lot of Home remedies like coconut oil, Vinegar etc.

What is good thing to try to start in curing this (if possible) or reducing the visibility of them. It won't be good to try 10 home remedies at once I believe.

I hope someone can give me some good advice and maybe we can share some expierences. THanks in advance.
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