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Full Version: Anti-Sebum cream? (dry lips though)
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Has anyone tried the anti-sebum cream? I have really dry lips though... My suspected Fordyce spot is in the middle of my upper lip. It's not very noticeable but I believe that it is what is causing my lip to swell. It's been 3 months now.

Backstory: I'm an Asian female who was prone to cold sores on the lips, and one day I woke up with super red and swollen lips, and thought I had a cold sore coming on, so I kept applying aciclovir, then I discovered that's not the case at all and it was cheilitis.

It's been 3 months now, the swelling itself has been better and worse, but never completely normal. In particular, the middle of the upper lip always looks a bit swollen and the skin seems a bit loose.

Today it dawned on me that I probably have an unobvious Fordyce spot right in the middle of my upper lip, which is why the swelling hasn't completely gone away even for one day. Pretty early on I discovered a small fordyce spot in the middle of my upper lip on the inside (closer to oral cavity), which is fine, but today, when I smiled in front of the mirror, the skin of the lips stretched sideways a bit, and I think I could see a very faint white spot in the middle. It won't show in pictures so I won't bother uploading... But yeah, I feel like, mystery solved! yay (?)

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