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Full Version: product amazon treatment?
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Hello, sorry for my English, I'm Spanish. Have you tried the products that sell in amazon? Has good feedback from buyers. Sells for papules, lips and penis
Has anyone actually tried any of these?? Seems too good to be true??
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Hi there,

yeah I bought the product... and I fully regret it ! Spent a fortune Confused

First, they charged me extra $30 to send to UK from the US, which is almost the price of the product. BAD

Second, when it arrived I was shocked with the quality of it. I think they make it at home or something, because it looks so pooooooor. Look at the photos :O very flimsy, cheap and dirty packaging on the brim. Plus after few days it went brown, which also smells. it inflamed my skin and made the condition worse Sad(((((
I feel like it's all scam and straight to the bin :/

looking for other options is the choice now.. can anyone recommend something ?
I brought this product after reading about it on this forum. I have to agree i am sketical. only just started using it so i dont know if it is going to work, doubtful.

The company that produces it doesn't seem to have an online presence. The website that is written on the bottle Just leads to a page under construction banner.

On amazon they claim it is the only scientifically proven treatment for fordyce spots. I cant find any reference for their claims. Although interestingly i have done a little research of my own and i can see how this may be beneficial in some way. The ingredients are mostly herbal in nature such as Olive Oil, Honey and aloe vera. However one ingredient does interest me a bit. Retinol (Vitamin A). They claim it disperses trapped sebum. When you do a bit of research this link is actually shown to be correct.

Read this extract from a Wikipedia page on Hyperkeratosis:

"Follicular hyperkeratosis dass (also called phrynoderma) is a skin condition characterized by excessive development of keratin in hair follicles, resulting in rough, cone-shaped, elevated papules. The openings are often closed with a white plug of encrusted sebum. This condition has been shown in several small-scale studies to respond well to supplementation with vitamins and fats rich in essential fatty acids. Deficiencies of vitamin E,[4] vitamin A, and B complex vitamins have been implicated in causing the condition.[5]"

In all fairness to the company that makes this treatment (whoever they are) probably some guys mixing together ingredients in there bathtubs, There is some medical efficacy to the ingredients in the bottle.

I will continue to use is to see if it works. Some people on amazon claim that is has worked. This could be fake reviews to sell the product, or in some cases the use of vitamin A may have a positive effect.
Yes I have read the reviews on amazon and they do look fake. A lot of the reviews say how good the customer service is and I don't think it's the type of product that would come with customer servive so the fact that is in the reviews seems dodgy. Plus all the reviews are either 5 stars, which are the ones that look fake, or 1 star which are the genuine ones as there is pretty much no way this product can work.

Unfortunately it looks like a scam and most probably is. Very disappointing.
almost certainly agree with going to keep using it for a while though.

Im sure i have heard people on this forum rave about vitamin A. If it does nothing i will let everyone know and we can warn people not to buy
Hey Brit any results?
I did try them.
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