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Full Version: Wish I could go back in time
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I'm 46 years old and just found out today what these things are actually called.

My story is nothing new but I thought I was the only one. I first became concerned with these bumps at age 12. For the next few years I stressed out about it literally EVERY DAY. I thought I had some venereal disease and when I first heard about genital warts I thought for sure that is what I had. Stressing out about this is one of the things that defined my life for several years. I worried about it constantly.

At age 15 I finally got up the nerve to ask my mom to set an appointment at the dermatologist. He told me they were hair follicles and they were normal. It was a huge relief but he was kind of a dick about the whole thing (see what I did there?) He acted as though I was wasting his time with something so trivial and he asked me why it was a problem. I told him that I was concerned that girls might think I had VD or something, and he asked why anyone would ever see them! I was only 15 but I said I hoped somebody would see them someday!

I lost my virginity a couple of years later and I've been with about a dozen women since and NOT ONE of them has ever noticed, not even my wife. How could they not notice?! I saw someone else on this forum say that women are more concerned about their own bodies and how they are perceived, and I think that is probably a good explanation.

So if you've found your way to this forum with concerns similar to mine, first of all you should thank God for the internet, I didn't have this resource in the 80's and it would have saved me a lot of grief. Second be assured that your partners probably won't even notice, but if they do you can show them this forum or another site online that explains what these bumps are and that they are totally normal. You may have to expose them to a dick pic or two but I would have done anything to have a resource like this to set my mind at ease and prove to potential girls with an eye for detail that I wasn't diseased.
I'm in my mid 30's and married also and have had many sexual partners and not one has ever said anything.
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