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Hey guys,

been waiting on developments from silica nano's but seems like its taking ages. I'm content with these atm like im not desperate or anything as i know from experience they don't actually matter, however to us mentally they do and can cause even us to not get hard sometimes when in the situation with someone new.

i just seen an article about dr pallua talking about fordyce at a IMCAS exhibition this year in march, so it's obvioulsy not a one of thing, he's continuing this treatment as he obviously feels it's working. I know people have been a bit sceptical of it, but they guy is actually renowned and famous so isn't some dodgy doctor like many people. just thought we should perhaps give it a bit more thought and attention
Good post Saviour, I totally agree with you. I've seen a few reviews recently about the treatment in Germany and it has had good feedback. This is an option I'm seriously considering. I think this treatment is very daunting due to the nature of the treatment and obviously that part of your body that's being treated. People are worried that there may be scarring. From what I've read you may be left with tiny little scars that may be there for life but I would prefer to have a load of tiny little inoffensive scars rather than a load of spots that look like some sort of STD that, untreated will be there for life. I think of all the options available right now this is the only one that will ensure the spots don't come back. I want these things out of my body for good and like I say, at the moment, this is the only option. We really need someone on here to provide a decent review. There was one guy a few months ago who was posting about it but then disappeared. Maybe it's because he no longer has to think or worry about his fordyce spots because he is now cured?
totally agree with you saviour. gold nanoshells may not even work. we are just hoping on the only new treatment that is remotely connected with our condition.

I have been seriously considering this as well. a few years ago i got into removing the spots with a scalpel. I even posted videos but i came to my senses and decided not to continue. I don't like to admit this because i dread to think of teenagers out their cutting open their dicks because of something i said. But i have managed to remove some and they never came back. And the scaring on these is barely noticeable. Others did return but thats probably because i didn't do a thorough job like Dr Pallua would.

I'm going to keep an open mind on it.
yeah, i feel like it is the scare factor that deters people from this surgery, as they even say it can be done under local anaesthetic, which means it is probably gonna be a pretty invasive surgery. but i just feel like as you said, if the gland isn't there anymore it can't grow back. the fact that this guy has his own wikipedia page etc heightens my confidence in him.

but yeah i feel like i need one person to just come on here and be like guys i went to pallua, im 10 weeks after surgery and it's amazing etc etc, then this will just get me over that line im slightly hesitating on right now.

what are your plan of actions regarding this then, just gonna wait and see what happens?, i just feel like theres only so much 'wait and see what happens' we can do.
this is a last resort for me. im 26 now. If i get to say 30 and still no other treatment then ill probably do it. But i could decide to do it sooner. Problem is the massive cost aswell!

One thing is for sure. If i get it done i will produce the most detailed account of the process that's ever been published online. Videos, before and after, videos of the treatment if possible.

2017 will be a bit of a deciding year for me i think. Thats when the sebacia gold nanoshell study will finish and maybe FDA approval. That might be the time to make a proper decision about what im going to do.
yeah, totally get what you're saying brit. 2017 might be the time to make a do or die decision with it tbh. im not too sure on the costs, heard it was around 3000 euros or something, which is not ridiculously bad.
Consultation is 300 euros then you have to pay 4000 euros and if the treatment ends up being any less that 4000 euros then they refund you that money.
ah so pretty expensive, but that's how much boob jobs are, so i guess its just standard procedure price. more than worth it if it gives desired results.
but i really think this is option to seriously consider in the future
Yeah good article this is his website if you want to make further enquiries
I had this surgery about half a year ago. After the surgery which took about 3 hours Dr. told me that they could remove about 95% of the spots. I asked if I had more than the average guy who comes for the surgery and they said that I had quite a lot but small spots. I think for them both is possible but it is easier the opposite, bigger spots and not so many. After about one month I realized some bigger spots, maybe they resulted from the 5% of the spots they could not remove, not sure. And now I am getting some new spots, most of them are really small. I am thinking of getting at least the bigger ones removed again because still I am not so happy with my situation. If other guys who had this surgery read this, please also write about your healing and situation! Would help me a lot!
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