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Full Version: Lip discoloration
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Is there anyway to get the original color of my lip back? My spots are under my skin and clustered together. This has given me a white patch on my lips, Is there anything i can use to get the color of my lip back?
Not that I know of Sad
You could look into a cosmetic tattoo. Search for "permanent lip makeup" right now this seems like the only option to me.
CO2 Laser, lip tattoo's have been tested and seem to be temporary. go see a cosmetic tattoo artist, not a normal one if you want to try.

I have found only laser gets rid of them, and some come back a little. If you are scared of the laser procedure, I use a long-lasting liquid lipstick and dab it on. obviously, just use something that matches your lips and is a matte finish. Revlon and Smash have a lot of choices.
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