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Full Version: silica-gold nanoshells 2016 update
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I believe this treatment will work because of the following reasons.

1) they have an central follicular infundibular ostium

Explanation: Infundibular means funnel shaped cavity..... Ostium means pore... Bascally they have an opening onto the skins surface.


Read this. its may be confusing but i will explain.

"The life cycle of the sebocytes, the cells that form the sebaceous gland, begins at the periphery of the gland in the highly mitotic basal cell layer; as the sebocytes differentiate and mature, they accumulate increasing amounts of lipid and migrate toward the central excretory duct. The mature sebocytes complete their life cycle as they reach the central duct and release their lipid content as sebum by disintegrating. The turnover time of the sebocytes as they migrate from the basal layer of the gland to the central duct is approximately 1 month."

"At puberty, sebaceous glands enlarge and become increasingly active due to increased production of androgens, and they reach their maximum by the third decade of life. As androgen levels decrease with advancing age, the sebocyte turnover begins to slow down.

This decrease in cellular turnover results in crowding of primitive sebocytes within the sebaceous gland, causing a benign enlargement of the sebaceous gland, or sebaceous hyperplasia. This is particularly apparent in the areas where sebaceous glands are concentrated, such as the face. Although the hyperplastic glands are often inflated up to 10 times their normal size, they secrete very little sebum. In contrast to normal sebocytes that are engorged with lipid."

What this is essentially saying is that the spots go through a constant process of producing sebum, transporting it to the central duct and excreting (ejecting) it through the pore out of the spot. It should take one month for the contents of the gland to be completely emptied and refilled again with sebum. In our case this isn't happening fast enough causing the younger cells to clog up and inflate the spot to 10x its normal size.

Now that we have established these two pieces of information we can definitively state that the treatment will work for us.

--The nano-shells can enter the gland.
--They will prevent the deeper parts of the spot from producing more sebum.
--The non-mature cells will continue to flow out of the spot gradually reducing their size. Eventually the spot will disappear as no new sebum is being produced and the clogged sebum has been entirely excreted.

Sebacia has announced its plans to release this treatment to the USA and Europe and have alot of financial backing to do so. They are currently in the process of Applying for FDA approval and It would seem they are progressing through the process and a relatively swift pace.

Anyway that's all i have to say right now.

Stay strong guys.
thank you again Brit90

is this a kind of laser? or topical cream treatment?
hust watched the video. Hopefully this can work for fordyce spots aswell.
Hi - First I'm glad there's someone doing actual meaningful research on latest technology. Ok - if I join this thread?

I, too, have been reading about the gold nanoshells for months and anxiously waiting for updates. I had electrocautery and electrodessication procedure done on my lips a few months back and the Dermatologist told me about these gold nanoshells laser treatment and was hopeful that the new laser might be able to target the sebaceous glands, but of course he couldn't guarantee it.

I read the patent like 15 times and there was mention ( a few times) of the nanoshells being able to penetrate the sebaceous glands (without a hair follicle) such as sebaceous hyperplasia so I was hopeful. But nearly all of the articles written about this and the information on Sebacia Inc. suggest that a hair follicle is needed for the transmission of the gold nanoshells into the sebaceous gland.

I seriously think the only way that this new method can be tested on fordyce spots is if the doctors involved in the development of the laser and Sebacia Inc. (the one developing this laser) is if they know that there's a huge untapped market of people that suffer from FS. I wrote one of the leading doctors who helped developed the laser and write the patent a few days ago to emphasize the need to at least enhance the method to include FS treatment. I will email Sebacia Inc. (as I know someone on this thread did the same thing) to reiterate the cause and need for this laser to be able to treat FS or at least test it on FS. I would gladly volunteer.

If possible, please reach out to the dr's developing and have developed the patent for this so we can urge them to test it on FS.

Please keep posting =)
brit, have you had any correspondence with them?
no. It doesn't matter though. All we are looking for is treatments that selectively destroy sebaceous glands. This is the only one that will be available to us. So we should be cautiously optimistic. It will be made available fairly soon, so we just have to wait and see.
yeah fair enough, at least theres something on the horizon that can be of help. I've given up on having a completely smooth penis anyway, but i'd just like to improve the situation by like 60-70% or summin, you had any luck with anything recently brit?
Hi All

They way the Derma explained FS to me is that it has a very little opening causing the clogged gland. Basically, nothing goes in (hence, no creams or topical treatments work) and nothing goes out (resulting in the build up of sebum). I have read and re-read the patent for gold nano shells to see if the only way to distribute the shells is through a hair follicle. There was one part mentioned in the patent that it may be delivered straight to the sebaceous gland without a follicle. But my doubts are that although this new method has the capability to target the glands without the hair follicle, the company actually producing the technology (Sebacia) will only develop a method for treating acne. I feel as if the gold nanoshell particles will need to be made smaller so that it can go through the FS opening. Just bouncing ideas.

I appreciate your guys' thoughts and research on this.
No i have had no luck recently savior.

Hopeful... The gold nano-shells will enter the fordyce spots on the penis. This was my concern too. But i have done plenty of research and i know they will, regardless of there being a hair folicle. They have an opening to the surface and the lobules all feed into one duct that leads to the surface. Your dermatologist was wrong when they said the pore is too small. Fordyce regularly produce solid lumps of sebum. You should be able to see them if you shine a bright light up close. Fordyce is cause by a problem in the life cycle of the cells that produce sebum and carry it to the exit (the pore) There are too many underdeveloped "fat cells" that clogg the gland. Conversely to popular belief it isnt actually and overproduction of sebum, The sebum just isn't being released.

The gold nano-shells will enter the glands. I promise you that. Once it passes FDA approval its up to the derm if he will try it on the penis. They are not restricted to just using it on peoples faces. Derms have offered to use other acne treatments such as lasers on my fordyce. It's up to their discresion. Just relax and wait for it to come. Hopefully it will work
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