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Full Version: Happy and relieved. Solution to fordyce spots (lips)
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Hey all before i get to the treatment that worked for me, i'd better introduce myself. I'm 30 year old male and have had prominent (people have commented, it shows in photos) fordyce spots on my upper lip for as long as i remember, getting much worse in the past two years.

Spent many years searching for a solution and have tried many different methods (isotretinoin, jojoba oil, makeup, wishing really hard) but never found anything that worked even slightly. As i understand it, the fordyce spots are set deep within the skin, making topical treatment rather ineffective.

Having also being genetically blessed with acne, i have been dealing with mild acne scarring in adulthood, and so i purchased an at home microdermabrasion tool known as a PMD (Link at end of post). This is a wonderful device, which works really well to smooth out and rejuvenate your skin. I buy the coarsest disks as my skin can take a pummelin' which may not be for everyone, but when targeting isolated areas really helped to get to those deeper layers.

The potential of the device on my spots only recently dawned on me, when you leave it on just one area for too long it can really graze the skin and even draw a little blood. This is exactly what is needed to get to those spots (maybe just short of drawing blood) I've heard of people using razor blades and such on their fordyce spots, scraping the skin back, but it never really seemed like a good idea to me.

In total, it took me about 2 months of gradually targeting my upper lips once or twice a week with the device (if you buy of have one, i even took off the plastic guard and just used the disk directly to the area) before i finally brought the spots near the surface. This DOES feel uncomfortable, but think of the end result! You will be suprised how over time your body adapts and it wont hurt as much. Only in the last 2 weeks have I actually seen them breaking up before my eyes during the treatment. The trick is patience and dedication.

The reason i'm typing this is because i guess i'm so glad to find something that works for me i just wanted to pay it forward and if it helps one person, hey i'm happy. I've hated these things for so long!!

There are added bonuses to this method, my skin has never looked better, and my lips are pink and never chapped! Also, its done at home in private!

I am not endorsed by the company PMD in any way, their gadget just happened to change my life.

Also I don't know if it works on your genitals, so don't ask, i have a few there but they don't actually bother me much!

Good luck
Any photos???
I just ordered it,after reading your thread and then looking up the item online,reading reviews bla bla i think this could honestly work.
This is the key in fighting fordyce spots,to remove layers of skin so you can get to the spots and this looks like it does exactly that.

Anyways since OP had only some on my lips and didnt take photos etc...i will continue to update this thread and take before and after pictures if it works,lets hope it does.
But dont expect any updates soon,by the time this gets here and i think it will take a month of using it before any good results...

I have a bunch of them on my balls and the bottom of my penis,there are small ones,medium ones and 1 big one so if it works for me it will probably work for you.
Wish me luck Big Grin
Good luck mate, will be very interested to hear how you get on!
Just a quick update so people dont think i forgot about this
My pmd just arrived,had some problems with the delivery so it got prolonged...
Anyways starting tomorrow with the treatment gonna keep you guys updated,just dont expect to hear from me for a month or 2 cause this takes time and i dont want to give you guys false hopes cause this stuff is expensive...
Have taken the before pictures so we can easily compare Smile
great thanks
Any fordyce on lips? are you going to use it there too?
I wished for OP photos but he posted only once then ran away, could be bullishit/an ineffective solution.
I do have some on my lips but they are barely,almost impossible to see,so i dont bother with those...
Ye,OP didnt quite do the job right but he got the message out there and im doing the work properly...

This could not work,its possible like all the other 100 things i tried but the science behind this makes me think this really should work
Im using it once a week like you are supposed to,will maybe increase with time if im not satisfied with the results,but we will see,also im using jojoba oil every day,cause all treatments that u use for skin while using the pmd are 20x more effective cause u are getting rid of one layer of skin so it penetrates much deeper.

I always thought the main problem behind fordyce is that we cant get to that deep layer of skin where they all are,they are not like acne or zits where u pop them np they are much deeper and even those that may look small to you are actually pretty big its just that u cant see them...

This treatment will take some time,but i have seen some mad results from other people using it,there will also be a lot of trial and error probably,cause they are diffrent caps that you use that are diffrent strenght so i have to find out which works for my skin best and i dont want to go the strongest one right away cause u know...precious cargo Big Grin
Patience is the key it may take up to 6 months for it all to clear out
Good news. Keep us posted won't you on your progress.
Any updates on this method?
I have purchased one of these and I am gonna give it go on my top lip. I will post back if I get any results.
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