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Full Version: Wish I had the internet when I was young!
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Hi everyone. Just stumbled on this site and was instantly taken back to my youth when I thought I was odd and had something really wrong with my penis. I first noticed my fordyce spots when I was about 12 and spent years worrying that I had some contagious disease. It wasn't until years later I plucked up the courage to tell my doc, all shyly, about the funny spots on my penis. "Oh they're nothing to worry about, they're normal" he said. Since then I suppose i've got used to them and they have began to fade over the years. When I was a teenager they were very prominent but now you can only see them when I stretch the skin or if i've been sunbathing nude. I hope you younger guys can get used to them too and don't worry too much, you'll be worrying about nothing I promise!
I have what i am quite sure is forcyde spots that start on my scrotum and travel up to about the middle or 2/3 of my shaft, i thought at first it could be some sort of vd but after researching it dosent seem to be. Anyone else in the same boat? My girlfriend has never complained about them so i havent worried much about them for a while until i noticed i had some near the middle of my shaft where there is no hair. Im 20 but im sure theyve been there for a while and i just mever payed attention to them.. Ty.
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