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I registered just to share this information with you. I am not advertising anyone (there is no need to), cause he is already one of the best estetic surgeons out there. You must wait just for the consultations with him around 6 months. His name is Norbert Pallua, he works in Aachen university clinic in Germany. He is removing the whole glands surgically. I am very prone to scarings but I have none left. Google it.

That's all that I wanted to share. Wish you all the best.
I have an appointment this summer with Dr. Pallua. I will let you know!
Good evening everyone
bluebayou care to share any before and after pictures??, i am intrigued by this guy and method as think it could work but just seems very invasive. appreciate you posting tho.
So....I've been there!
First I want to say that Dr. Pallua, the staff and the clinic in general is absolutely 5 stars. Prof P. is a real humble gentleman, so it is his assistant.

So, general information and suggestings:

-I had to wait 6 months before the visit
-Clinic is really big so check the time. There is a bus stop just in front and it may take some time to find Dr. Pallua.
-They speak german and a little english. Extremely suggested to learn movement directions.
-After I met the secretary, a photographer took 8 photos of my penis
-I met the assistant for a first interview and explanation, than I waited more than 1 hour for Dr. Pallua (he was operating)
-He explained everything, asked my question about nutrition, Arnica remedy, if I smoke.
-Cost: 4000 euro. I payed in cash.

The day next, I was operated:
-meeting at 9.30. Dressing change, preparations by nurses, anesthesia cream by the assistant and at 10.30 operation starts.
-extremely suggested for you to take a lot of music with (Ipod, smartphone,....), because:
-operation took more then 5 hours. they had to remove almost 400 spots (!)
-Had to wait another 2 hours and then Dr. Pallua changed the medication. You may get scared but don't worry. There is blood, swelling, some "burning" pain but in a few days it will be ok.
-I used a taxi to go back home (they are right in front of the clinic). really really suggested!

-next again at the clinic, change of medication and they explain how to do it by yourself for the next days.
-7 days after the surgery, last meeting at the clinic for stitchs removing. It took 45 minutes. Again there will be some blood, but don't worry.
-You have to buy a special cream (20 euro) and apply following their instructions

At the time healing is going on pretty well. I'm prepared to cohabit with scars but even so, I'm sure they will not look big. Anyway, skin is already very very smooth and that's amazing, no? Considering the excellency of treatment, 4000 euro is a good price.
I'm very happy of my decision. I understand it can be embarassing but they are very professional and understandable. I wasn't worried by the nurse in the operation room. It's normal for them to see men naked: she simply didn't care. I'm pretty sure that except Dr. no one even remember I was there: they see so many people every day.

Assistant was quite impressed by my healing. I took Arnica granules (200 and 30), before and the next day the operation (so no coffeine). Obviously just a little alcool and protein meals with pasta, rice, bread,... to get higher insulin level (it helps proteins absorbtions...but just aks the doctor in case). I also took ornithine, green tea, collagen and goji berry. For the first two nights I also took 12-13 grams of casein-proteins before bedtime. It's impossible to tell what helped me and what not, but I presume that arnica, protein meals and ornithine were really helpfull.
Good luke everyoneSmile
...another thing.
He told me he operated HUNDREDS of cases. People from all over the world.
Great post and really good explaination of everything! Just a couple of questions. Have you fully healed yet or are you still waiting to see the final result? Also, could clusters of them be removed (i.e. ones where they are close together and lots of them) as I've heard that due to the micropunch procedure ones that are close together in clusters can't be removed as it would remove too much skin? Also, I take it you had to stay in Germany for a week?
Thanks very much.
Dr. explained that it mays take even 6 months to fully heal. Sometimes in 6 weeks healing process is complete. Everyone is different! Personally I was operated few days ago, so I must wait.

I was actually concerned about the ones that were too much close together but fortunately they had no problem. If you think that I had almost 400 spots in a relatively small area, I would't worry much.
At your serviceSmile
...another thing. After stitchs removal, assistant told me that swimming in the sea/ocean would be amazing (but NOT in the swimming-pool). If a have a chance I'll go for sure.
I'm thinking of getting this done, could you tell me how it is now after fully healing? a picture would be great or just a reply if you don't want to put a pic on. thanks's still a long time before full healing. Dr. said it could require even more than 6 months.
It's too early to judge, in my case.
So is it already fully healed? and are you happy with the result? Thanks for your posts....
(04-07-2016 04:16 PM)lowistart Wrote: [ -> ]So is it already fully healed? and are you happy with the result? Thanks for your posts....

Here I am!

With an erection is almost perfect. It is really hard to find imperfections and you must stare very closely and carefully.

The skin is very very smooth: excellent for oral sex.

Without erection there are signs that may be scars, yes. After more than one year they're still there. By the way, WITH erection it's very good.
I would repeat.

See you soon Smile
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