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Full Version: Benifits of penile fordyce spots
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Hey fellas, I'm quite upset about how some of you see yourselves as deformed and different from "others". These others, are they mainly pornstars? F**k, everyone's dick is different, and weird-looking, but so what? How many times have you looked at a woman's gruff and thought, "hmmm... Her interior lips don't look like that other girls interior lips.. I wonder what's up with her?". Everyone is different! And I'm proud to have Fordyce spots on my dick. Why? Because when you look at some of those condoms which claim to increase sensation for the woman, they have a f**king blueprint of the spots all over them! Look at some of the most popular vibrators with smooth lumps all over them! So next time you get to the point when a woman sees your dick, just tell her that you evolved these bumps in order to give her the most pleasure possible! You know what they are, so tell her! It's a part of you, not a disease. Feel sorry for those who don't have these "extra-sensation-lumps".
Hear Hear Brother!Smile
Me too. I've moved on from an anxiety filled teenager to an adult that accepts they're part of my cock, i'm quite fond of them now!
I have what i am quite sure is forcyde spots that start on my scrotum and travel up to about the middle or 2/3 of my shaft, i thought at first it could be some sort of vd but after researching it dosent seem to be. Anyone else in the same boat? My girlfriend has never complained about them so i havent worried much about them for a while until i noticed i had some near the middle of my shaft where there is no hair. Ty everybody.
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