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Full Version: This is my story + a few questions
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Hello i'm a 28 years old french, i used to be on this forum a few years ago but i don't remember my name so i made a new one !

So i started to have fordyce spots at the corner of my lips i was young but it was just at the corner and just a bit.

When i was 25 my family doctor gave me anti-depressant pills called DEROXAT because i felt bad and i got a lot of side effects, one of them was that my lips turned SO dry so i stopped this s**t after only 2 days but my lips was still dry the same, i put lip balm and then fordyce came on my upper lips...

I don't know if it's from DEROXAT or because of the lip balm, to me it's because of the pills because i got fordyce inside my mouth too (in the cheeks) and i think i didn't have it before, i don't care of it because no one can see it, but the lips was a big problem...

I searched on internet and i saw that jojoba oil help so i put it everyday, my lips didn't get worse for like 3 years.

I had a bit of fordyce on my upper lips (on the "heart" part) and at the bottom of the upper lips too + the corner of my lips but i was ok nothing too obvious.

i continued to put jojoba oil everyday before to sleep for like 3 years and a few days ago i got a problem, my girlfriend left me for nothing and i turned really bad, stressful a lot, can't eat and i wanted to puke...

A day later she said she comes back she loves me blablabla, i was happy and better but a day after at morning, i got new fordyces....

I am wondering if it's because of the emotions but now i'm scared to get worse and worse again..... scared to loose my girlfriend too if it's getting too obvious, i know you guys will say if she leaves you for that it means she doesn't love you blablabla but i just don't want her to leave me. Sad

So i have a few questions, i think the more we understand it and the most we can fight it.

- do you think emotions can make new fordyces or make them worse ?

- i read about home remede, i know that nothing seem to work but i read that garlic help, i guess because of aillicin, do you know why ?

- for jojoba oil, i watched a video the guy say that it makes them worse... so i'm wondering what's the truth ?

- do you think my lips will get worse and worse so speed now ? i'm scared and i don't know what to do, i try to eat fresh garlic everyday and i ordered garlic pills with aillicin inside, i know it's not a miracle stuff but well, i just don't know what to do...

thanks everyone !
Hi, I know it had been long time, but I would like to ask how about your treatment process? Do you know how to keep the spots from getting worse?

Thank you
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