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Full Version: Depression poll
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Thanks for taking part on I am trying to get some info together so to get a better understanding of the condition and how it affects the sufferers to encourage some research.

You could also answer these other poll questions:
interesting to see its right across the board
I thought I'd add a comment...

I answered the poll with a 5/10. The bumps don't cause me grief any longer and have only on small occasions caused other people grief. They are, however, extremely hard to ignore and 'breaking' your partner into knowing that you have them and that you don't in fact have an STD can be challenging.

Though, I must admit, they kind of grow on you after a while... haha No pun intended.
Im not embarrassed by mine (Not yet anyway) , i knew a bloke who had them worse than me, Im just glad i found out what they were, i thought i was diseased by some freak STD or something else
All depends on how bad you have them I guess right ? ...But saying that I put 8 because my depression is caused by numerous factors and not just the Fordyce Spots. I wouldn't say I have them to bad but bleuh! :/
mine is very bad, havent had intercourse with a female, aviod a social life, and i spend to much time in the gym as that is the only way i can relieve stress and forget about what i have, had ordered the cream from if that doesnt work will try and see a speacialist
3 - not bothered anymore, but still if I had a chance to remove them I'd do so.
I voted 10. With my fordyce spots i am affraid to f**k with a women, and as i don't f**k with a girl, i'm unhappy in my life
my vote for second option.little afraid from this but spent happy life.
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My girlfriend still hasn't said anything about my spots and we have a healthy sex life. I voted option 2.
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