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Full Version: SP or not???
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ive been reading a lot of writings about SP and had seen lots of pictures of it..but it seem what i have is somehow different..

i saw this picture and it looks like mine especially those in the corona..the only difference is i only have few on the shaft,,but they are plenty in the corona,,and only few on the head..but the bumps are alike

[Image: 1.jpg]
Looks like you have fordyce spots but as far as that black spot that stand out to me i'm sure is a genital wart. Skin looks dehydrated also but for the most part it does seem like a bad case of fordyce spots.
Hope this helps!
definitely sp on the shaft, also looks like 1 genital wart in the example pic, however it sounds like in your case you have spots on the head - have you looked up pearly penile papules?? possibly them I don't think you can get sp on coronoa.
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