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Full Version: Fordyce Spots Laser Treatment
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Thank you to Serge for providing this review which I hope will help others thinking about surgery to combat sp: PLEASE REGISTER TO VIEW IMAGES

CO2 Laser Treatment Review (carbon dioxide laser):

I had this procedure done in May 09 in Russia. The surgery took around 10-20 minutes to perform. Before they started to burn of the sp with a laser I had to put a local anaesthetic cream on my penis. The surgeon/dermatologist got only the large spots, but I was happy with this.

After the procedure (7 may) the wounds were bleeding, I was instructed not to use my penis or have sex for at least 10 days afterwards and also to try not to get erections as excess scarring could occur.

[attachment=68] [attachment=69]
By May 16 this is what the wounds looked like. The scabs still hurt a little and it was impossible now to have sex until a few weeks after this.

This is the final photo i took in September after the scabs had completely gone, there are now quite a few white scars on my penis, but on the whole better than before. One thing that does annoy me is that now the sp is starting to return slowly, you can see here a new spot on this photo.
Nice review and pictures, worth doing? how much did it cost? Thanks
good post
great review hope to see more similar reviews maybe one on tca peels, ill hit admin up


If you are really concerned about the looks of the Fordyce Spots, I find that wrapping tissue paper, toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, etc... around the spots through the night helps keep the area dry and therefor reducing their visibility a lot. As soon as you stop doing this the spots will start growing back to their original size. Keep away from moisturizers like Vaseline, baby oil, rinse, etc... Using soap seems to help too.
Great review, was thinking of using the laser treatment myself but dont think I will based on the results
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