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Full Version: To anyone who wishes they had an STD...
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your an idiot.

Now I say this with a great deal of support and reassurance. I've been painfully trying to figure out what to do about my area for a couple of years now. In that time I thought I had everything from herpes to Penile cancer. Google images is a scary place.

In my youth I took sex ed and listened. Still when wierd things are going on you can start to get depressed and think it could be anything. I wish I would have known about Fordyce Spots 2 years ago. It would have saved me a great deal of agony.

It aint pretty, sure. But whats the worst that you have to worry about and tell your partner? For a long time I thought I had warts, even though it didn't match up with my situation. The vast majority of cervical cancer is caused by HPV. Now its not the same varieties that cause warts, but tell that to your lady without her thinking that birds of a feather flock together (and they do). So if you got bumps that don't have any relation to the removal of the cervix, be cool, lifes not that bad.

A lot of ladies are crazy and superficial. This is where I'd say f....em. If your not an asshole or a sleezball you should be able to convince your sweet thing your condition is nothing to worry about. I know you lack that titanium dildo smoothness, but put things into perspective.

And for all ya'll with a little bit of both: as a guy who thought he had something else my thoughts will always be with you. It is too bad free love don't come free. And its easier to have things happen then you might thinK boys so put on your jackets/jackets will do little to protect your nuts when balls deep (too graphic?).

And if you haven't already found out or need to know for the future. Be extremely mindful of epidermal abrasion when dealing with infections of all shapes and sizes. And don't use spermicidal lube....ever for any reason.

Thats all for now.
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