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Full Version: a cure is working-----90Sr isotope applicator treatment SP on the lips
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90Sr isotope applicator treatment SP on the lips 11 cases

SP on the lips is the lip appears to needle the size of the yellow millet
Pale color or white dots, sometimes slightly elevated flat papules, similar to miliary Hill
Rash; uniform size, number of uncertainties, can be intensive rather than integration; no symptoms,
They impede the beautiful. The authors used the applicator 90Sr isotope treatment SP on the lips 11 cases,
As follows.
Materials and Methods
1.1 General Information 11 patients were outpatients diagnosed (one patient for pathological examination does
Diagnosis), 8 males and 3 females, aged 23 to 30 years old.
1.2 method using 90Sr skin applicator (China Institute of Atomic Energy with the bit
Institute of prime product). Sticking dose: each given 1. 5 ~ 2Gy, Sticking a day
Times, 10 times as a course re-treatment interval of 3 months.
2 Results and discussion
6 patients cured by a course of treatment (lesions disappeared, lip color back to normal), 5
Patients after 2 cycles of healing, non-toxic side effects, only 1 case of small blisters appear anti-lesion site
Should, by using 2% crystal violet Waicha disappeared after 1 week. The results show that: 90Sr applicator treatment
SP on the lips simple, safe, satisfactory outcome is worth promoting.
(1998.10.26 Received)

i'm from CN, my english is poor, i translated this article in english in google tool
hoping u can read it .In China, the dermatologist said it is normal tissue without treatment, even try laser, freezing, high relapse rate.90sr isotope applicator is owned by the Department of Nuclear Medicine, generally used for treatment of infant hemangioma is not owned dermatology treatment equipment.This paper published in 1998, but now we can not find the author. Now we only found one person according to the doctors try to treat the paper, said that good results, of course, this is not a cure, a 20% relapse after a few years. Than the effect of laser and liquid nitrogen freezing significantly. Our group tried a lot of people to consult Department of Nuclear Medicine treatment, but doctors because there is no applicator treated with 90sr SP, so refused treatment, was being considered at present to the hospital treated the disease. hoping this post can help u!
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