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Full Version: Freeze the buggers?
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I'm 16 years old, coming on 17 this year, and only realised these spots on my penis and scrotum at the start of this year (I think they have always been there just recently become more pronounced and increased in number). I looked them up and after much research on the internet, I figured out they were Fordyce spots. I'm hoping that they will go away over time, but I'd rather be safe than sorry and try and find a way to reduce their prominance or get rid of them. After much further research one website mentioned simply applying an ice pack to the FS to burn the skin and so cause it to peel off. I have just recently tried this and have not seen the skin peel off yet, but I just wanted to put it out there so I could find out either this method could actually work or not as many solutions involve peeling the skin. This seems a cheap and easier alternative to creams which cause this. Hope this is a solution and I can no longer worry about FS.
I hope so too, Please post more later if it works Smile


Will do, atm I think a scab is forming so hopefully it should peel and I'll say what the final results are.
The skin has now peeled and unfortunately from just looking at it appears to have done nothing to reduce the prominance on the FS. I'm gonig to try this method again and I will take pictures. However, I will be doing this later due to exams at the moment.
well, that sucks. Hope it works after few times.
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