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Full Version: Fordyce or something else?
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I found this useful list of "penis spots" from

Tiny nodules beneath the skin which appear over the scrotum and the base of the shaft of the penis are normal hair follicles.

Small pearly spots around the crown of the glans affect about 10% of all men around the ages of 20-40. These 'pearly penile papules' if diagnosed, are not infectious and require no treatment.

Small red or purple spots on the penis can appear on the glans, shaft or scrotum and usually affect younger men. Known as Fordyce spots they may appear in one's or two's but they frequently occur in patches of up to 100. These spots come about as a result of dilated blood vessels. They can look a little unsightly but they are completely harmless. No easy way is known of removing this type of spot.

A small-medium sized raised spot on the scrotum, sometimes filled with pus, is most likely just a spot or a boil.

Thick red patches with a well defined edge could spell psoriasis. Psoriasis can be inherited but is rarely serious. Typically, psoriasis of the penis will be treated by a steroid cream.

Pink-brown or skin-colored lumps with a moist surface could suggest genital warts.

A single, round and painless ulcer of the penis or scrotum could be primary syphilis.

A painless irregular genital ulcer could be penile cancer.

A single, painless but foul-smelling ulcer could be the result of a tropical disease and may be a sexually transmitted disease if sexual contact has occurred in the tropics.

Small blisters forming painful ulcers sounds like herpes simplex. This is the commonest form of genital ulceration. This is highly infectious and usually transmitted sexually. The first episode is often associated with a feverish illness.

Small gray ulcers with a red halo could be apthous ulcers. These occur in crops and can get better by themselves. However, because they are easily confused with herpes simplex a lab test is needed to determine a proper diagnosis.

Small raised papules often with a central depression could be molloscum contagiosum. This is a harmless and common viral disease in children most commonly spread through sexual contact in adults.

Irritating and burning red rash could be a condition know as balanitis.


so forcdyce spots or sebaceous prominence is the first 1?
No, I think the second two refer to fordyce (small pearly spots around the crown of the glans and small red or purple spots). Although it's a bit confusing, I think the first one is referring to "nothing." Like freckles, they're there, but it's just a part of typical human being. (Not sure that I explained that right, maybe someone else can try.)
Yeah, I got the same impression, Optimo. Regardless, I found it amazing the number of different types of spots, and the varying degrees of danger associated with each one. I think it really underscores the fact that a doctor's diagnosis is necessary for ensuring proper treatment.
Pearly's are sumwhat similar in appearance (to me based on alot of electronic images) to Fordyce spots but are quite different. They affect different areas and are caused by different things. What is strange to me is how different people will describe Spots. They are always light in color but often described as red or purple. Then half of the time you read they are caused by blood vessels and the other half they are caused by oil gland abnormalities.
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